Links for the Ides of December.

Icy chain link
photo credit: chimothy27 via photopin cc

Remember summer

Do you know how to easily find the distance between two cities?

Toni Morrison on teenage mothers.

Miss Laura's School for Esquire Men.

What exactly happened here? Nothing.

"And they knit happily ever after."

Wouldn't this be the perfect fabric for a sock-in-progress bag?

Well, this pretty much destroyed any affection I might have for Love, Actually.

Holiday decorating with yarn.

Not every duckling imprints on a cat as its mother.

When I am very, very old, I want it to be like this.

The 2013 Hater's Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog.

Your kitten printer is running out of toner.

Many of those things true about book lovers are also true of us knitters; just substitute yarn for book, knitting for reading, and LYS for bookstore. (HT to Chris for the original link)

Aurora borealis time-lapse video.

Clara Parkes on Wisconsin Public Radio.

Links from Chris.


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0 Responses to Links for the Ides of December.

  1. k says:

    I’m sorry. I am broken. She Knit All the Things for Her Wedding.
    You coulda stopped right there, lassie.

  2. Erika says:

    Everybody has been raving so much about Love, Actually that a few weeks ago I decided to sit down and watch it. (Also because it stars the guy from The Walking Dead, looking young and fresh-faced and not killing zombies and with his actual English accent.)
    I watched about fifteen minutes, long enough to work out that the movie is basically a dozen interlocking romantic comedies.
    Then I remembered that I hate romantic comedies, and watched The Hunger Games again instead.

  3. soxanne says:

    W-S Haters’ Catalog – too funny!

  4. marylou says:

    Thanks for the Clara Parkes link. (We are WPR members – they are just better than MPR in my opinion). I was going to try and track this down. Now, I can just listen!

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