Can you stand another post about winter? Think hard; it is only December.

Al drive
The township* road that leads to our house (eventually).




I attended (or heard about) two town meetings this week; both were heavily attended by people complaining about the ice pack on the roads**. Crews cannot do anything about the ice until it warms up; salt is ineffective until temps are above 0˚F (or so), and plows cannot scrape it up because everything is frozen solid. The state highways are clear because the county highway department maintains them (remember the cheese brine?***), but all the other rural roads are solid ice.


Thermostat -13
We remain toasty 🙂



This and the previous photo show the state
of all local conifers: heavily covered with frozen-on snow


Free kittens
Before the snow, this sign advertised free litter-trained kittens.
Kittens apparently all gone now; only litter remains.


* Technically, this is a town road. We do not have townships in Wisconsin; we have towns, which are the non-municipal rural areas and are typically six miles square.

** One constituent complained about a particular corner in his area. "You guys NEVER do a good job of clearing that corner. I have slid off the road there four times!" Er, maybe problem is not the road, sir?

*** A crew from CNN Chicago was here at the highway department this week to get a story about the cheese brine. If you are awake at 2am some night soon, you may get to see it.

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0 Responses to Can you stand another post about winter? Think hard; it is only December.

  1. Kym says:

    Well, it’s pretty!

  2. Carole says:

    Damn. That’s cold!

  3. k says:

    I love winter. I give, I can’t fight it any more.
    Of course, my car is in the garage, and I don’t leave the house every day.
    I was out earlier this week, and saw a stretch where the wind had blown the snow away and left beautiful globes of ice hanging from the branches. And you never get skies so blue as you do when it’s below zero.
    Yes, even I think I’m weird.

  4. marylou says:

    It just seemed like it wasn’t gradual this year, just a big ole slap in the face one morning. I didn’t know there were no townships in WI. Interesting. (from County employee and geek)

  5. Gillian V says:

    Lovely photos. I do like snow.

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