Decembrist links.

USS Arizona anchor chain
photo credit: mikecogh via photopin cc

Okay. Thanksgiving is history, time to get ready for Christmas.

What NOT to get your 10-yo son for Christmas.

Not shopping, but perhaps some Christmas knitting.

More Christmas knitting.

Find the invisible cow. (NSFW, but only because there is required audio. If you have headphones, you are good to go.)

Got plastic bags? Make rope.

The Kronos Quartet plays Purple Haze.

More music, this time with ice.

Almost any photograph can be improved by judicious cropping.

Removing DRM* increased music sales.

How to manipulate people: a seven-step primer.

Listen to the crew of the starship Enterprise sing Let It Snow.

Eminem, James Joyce, and John Lennon were artistic geniuses, but nobody tops Kanye West or Miles Davis for arrogance.

Wearable technology: the mood sweater and the anti-overeating bra. Here’s an excellent commentary on that second one.

Speaking of useful clothing

I gave Younger Son and Smokey (my two tinkerers; also bought some for myself) sugru for Christmas last year. Now with magnets! (Note: sugru was invented by a woman.)

This guy.

Links from Chris.




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0 Responses to Decembrist links.

  1. k says:

    Just a thought. I wonder what that mood collar does when one has a hot flash. And really, I don’t need to advertise that.
    I bought the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits before the Curse afflicted me. I am loosely planning on the Mermaid’s shawl. But that elf cap is really cool. Many things in the mag are cool.
    And if you’re not getting that for the ten-year-old in you life, you could get it for me. Just saying. Coupled with the vest, I could probably handle anything.

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