The shirt Elder Son was wearing when he left.


Slayer is one of his favorite groups. He said the name was an acronym, standing for Some Lads Always Yearn to Experience… [Younger Son jumped in to help] … Ravelry.

* * * * *

As I have mentioned, Younger Son has been working for us on the weekends. This weekend he finished straightening the attached garage.

DSCN0948  DSCN0949
Use your imagination to put these two photos together.

Previously, I was taking my life in my hands to attempt to walk through here. Now there  is a clear path, plus they moved that car* on jackstands about a foot and a half to the right — not only can I put my car in the garage this winter, I can open the door to get out of it. This is the first time I have been able to put my car in the garage in at least ten years. Baby steps

Other highlights:

TrashPart of cleaning always involves throwing out crappe.


Misha and Percy always get along better outside. This was the best photo I could get
of the two of them… running at top speed


YS admires the shelves he filled.


Battery shelves
Heavy stuff is heavy because batteries.


Remember Picasso's Blue Period? This chair is from YS's Stenciling Period.
"Put your butt on Dubya."

* The car is a 1990-something Subaru SVX that Smokey bought about ten years ago to be my winter car. It has 4WD 🙂 plus it is zippy and sporty and fun. But it needed some work done to the rear end (I think, can't remember) and has been up on jack stands nearly its entire life with us because the repair coincided with the time when Smokey's back and RA began to get really painful. Now that I have the AWD Volvo I have little interest in the SVX. 


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0 Responses to Stuff.

  1. Kym says:

    Okay. I actually spit coffee when I got to the stencil. (I wish my son would organize my garage.)

  2. cursingmama says:

    I think I just stumbled upon a way I can employ my son while he is looking for a more permanent job that doesn’t mess with school or his aspiring musicianship….

  3. Erika says:

    Nice work, YS! The garage looks awesome!

  4. k says:

    PARKING IN THE GARAGE IS DA BOMB!!! And you accomplished it while living with a male person. Extra points for that.
    I might need to find somebody to help clean out my garage. My little car is very little, so it only takes half the garage. Sigh.

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