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Navel gazing.

Found this oldie in my drafts folder. Updated it for 2013. Idea lifted from 1. What did you do in 2012 that you’d never done before? 2012: Skydiving, scuba diving, and dumpster diving. Not.  2013: Ditto. 2. Did you … Continue reading

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Interholiday Sunday.

Oops, I forgot to hit Publish yesterday. It's a two-fer Monday! Business cards :: overrated. IT :: lifesaver. Liver :: pâté. Rugged :: truck. Destruction :: Eve of. Child of the '60s here. Cast :: signed. Gratification :: instant. Pizza … Continue reading

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Do you love me? Show me (the money)!

This is the post where I ask for money. Lots of money. Tons of money. Boatloads of money. It's bigger on the inside. But the money is not for me. It is for my tiny library's building fund. This little … Continue reading

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End-of-year links.

photo credit: photo.anger via photopin cc 112 ways to save money. Clean your shit with Magic Eraser. For the chicken lovers among you. "Human anthills." Dialect quiz reveals the three cities from which you probably came. The incredibly rare black … Continue reading

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YouTube’s greatest hits, as determined by me us.

There is a plethore of  Best of lists at this time of year. So I made one.  I know you have seen these before. Let's just think of it as a Greatest Hits post, m'kay? First, Smokey's favorites: He is … Continue reading

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Sometimes Twitter just cracks me up.


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The tool chest.

Smokey got a new tool. Now THAT is twelve inches* 😉   * Yeah, I know it is really 11-3/4, but I had to make the joke.

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I won Christmas!

Every single gift I got was something I wanted. Srsly. Smokey gave me got a pristine copy of cookbook I had coveted: Eat It by Dana Crumb, wife of R. Crumb, famed illustrator and inventor of the iconic Mr. Natural … Continue reading

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Le tuque du voyageur!

When the weather turned cold a couple weeks ago, Smokey went on a quest to find the hat I knit him last winter — the one that somehow never got chronicled here. He found it, no problem, in a box … Continue reading

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Sunday random.

Drape :: draperies. Visitors :: gallery. Garage :: art. Disney :: cartoon. Among :: friends. Trend :: -y. Holiday :: dazzle. Lightbulb :: moment. Zing! :: Blam! Efficient :: coefficient. * * * * * My hair is falling out. … Continue reading

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