Sunday stuff.

The weekly mutterings:

  1. Jealousy :: green.
  2. Twin :: sisters.
  3. Logo :: -arithim.
  4. Bang :: interro- (It's this t hing:  .  I just heard it mentioned recently, that's why it came to mind.)
  5. Darts :: good Boggle word.
  6. Window :: shade.
  7. Arcade :: games.
  8. Sniff :: snooty.
  9. Tickets :: parking.
  10. Eraser :: -head.

* * * * *

My friend Kathy has suffered from arthritis in her hands for several years, so I made her something to keep them warm this winter. Behold, the Sooper Sekrit project I mentioned last week!



Pattern: Vancouver Fog. What a fabulous pattern! The finished mitts are awesome. My only mod was to use US#8 needles instead of US#7 as the pattern called for, as my friend's hands are a bit larger than the designer's.
Yarn: Filatura Lanarota Pure Washable Merino, maroon (#16). I also love this yarn. It is sproingy, completely machine washable (and machine dryable if you are not worried about the ~1-2% shrinkage in the dryer). Very inexpensive, too — $2.99/109 yd. at Smiley's.
Needles: Addi Turbo US#8.

Color is a deep red, a bit darker than this but not quite as dark as maroon.

 I really, really need to make a pair of these for myself.

* * * * *

Another friend/neighbor, for whom I made a pair of fingerless gloves several years ago, told me she had worn them out and Would I make her another pair?

She liked the first ones so much she wore them out? I would LOVE to make her another pair!

She had gotten some yarn (free!) at a llama ranch elsewhere in northern WI and wanted the gloves made from it.


The yarn is deliciously soft. As is characteristic of llama (and alpaca), it has zero elasticity but even so it is entirely pleasant to knit. I am using a US#2 needle. Her first fingerless gloves were Fetchings, but I thought this yarn too busy for cables; 2×2 ribbing all over should make up for any inelasticity in the yarn.

* * * * *

Last Monday: two trumpeter swans on the lake.



Friday: eleven trumpeter swans.  (Twelve? hard to tell if that one white blob in the middle back is one or two swans.)


This morning they (finally) swam past on our side of the lake, but I couldn't get my camera quickly enough. Younger Son saw them and exclaimed on how BIG they are.

* * * * *

Very, very sad news this morning. Dr Larson was my ob/gyn for 12+ years, until we moved to Wisconsin. He did the D&C after my second pregnancy had no heartbeat, one of his collegues delivered Younger Son, and he did my hysterectomy using his minimally invasive technique. He was the only doctor, ob/gyn or otherwise, who, after completing any exam that required lying down on the table, offered his hand to help me get up. 


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0 Responses to Sunday stuff.

  1. gayle says:

    Gorgeous mitts! (I believe I have that pattern stashed away somewhere. Must dig it out. Need to knit mitts. Now.)
    The llama mitts look like fun, too. I love the tweedy look that the barber-poley yarn gives.
    That news story was horrifying. I clicked, expecting an obit for an elderly physician, and was shocked. So sad.

  2. Nice job on the mitts! I was wearing a pair that I knit just this morning. They really helped keep my hands nice and warm on a chilly morning.

  3. tammy says:

    Fantastic mitts! The cables are just gorgeous.

  4. Kym says:

    Beautiful, wonderful mitts! You are a terrific friend. Love the swans. And I’m so sorry about your Dr. Larson. (I don’t think any medical professional has EVER offered me a hand . . .)

  5. soxanne says:

    The mitts are wonderful – I may have to make a pair for Boy-child’s girlfriend for Christmas!

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