Update on my life, for which* I know you are all breathlessly waiting.

Last weekend I journeyed to northern Minnesota to see my BFF from high school. You have met her here before.

IMG_3665Perhaps this will do for the modeled shot of my Tappan Zee, too. Raveled here.


Kathy & lucy
Kathy is a wild animal lover. Photo is Lucy, the deer she tamed.

She told me about the 4-yo mayor of Dorset, Bobby Tufts, whose story went viral. Here is the original video, where the Twin Cities CBS affiliate sent one of its anchors and the weatherman to Dorset for the fishing season opener last May. Scroll down to the second video. Smokey and I happened to see that original video on the WCCO-TV news. 

The story went viral when Bobby was re-elected as mayor (first links in previous paragraph). And because Kathy owns the Dorset General Store as well as the restaurant, and because the store is the only business in the hamlet with the word "Dorset" in its name, its phone was the one that rang when the media called — CBS, ABC, NBC, etc. Kathy was interviewed by the NY Times (sorry, article is behind their paywall), fielded a call from a London news crew, and her husband, who manages the store, took a call from a Japanese news crew. All in all, a lot of excitement for a village of 22 ("…or 28, if the minister and family are in town").

My initial impetus to go to northern MN was a Paula Poundstone concert in Grand Rapids. Smokey didn't want to take off work to go but suggested that I go and combine the concert with a side trip to Park Rapids. He's a genius, that one!


* Yes, I am a grammar nerd, perhaps even a grammar Nazi.

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0 Responses to Update on my life, for which* I know you are all breathlessly waiting.

  1. Mary says:

    My kids call *me* the grammar Nazi! Thanks for the smile. (Don’t even get me started on effect/affect.)Great sweater, btw.

  2. Kim says:

    So glad you got to go, and had a good time.

  3. Kym says:

    Great sweater. So fun to spend time with a BFF. (Did you love Paula Poundstone? We saw her last year. GREAT.) And. Where would we be without the Grammar Nazis and the Spelling Gestapo?

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