Thursday tales: wildlife (of a sort).

There is a lot of wildlife here, especially the kind under 1".

Tree frogSome of it is cute, like a tree frog on the screen.


TickSome, like ticks, not so much.

CaterpillarSome is strangely beautiful .


Spider mamaSome is just weird. Meet Spider Mama! 

She walks, she climbs, she dances, she waddles! 


And her distant cousin does pushups! Although not in time to the music.


Spider sink
An impressive one in my kitchen sink.

Of course, spiders leave mementos of themselves (besides baby spiders). These are not the same web, although the space around my sink is a favorite place for late summer spiders.

Web 2008 
Web 2013
2008                                                                        2013

Dish drainer web 

2011                                                                                                   2009 

Web winterOften the webs last well into the winter.


Socks fliesSometimes we find the wildlife on vacation.


We need to dispose of them.

MosquitoLet us not forget the ubiquitous mosquito.


Why am I frightening you/grossing you out with all this? So that I could show you these, which are evidence of a particularly annoying species of wildlife.

Under deck
Under the deck.

HovelIn every nook and cranny of the eaves.
Over dog run

Porch outside


Third floor

Roof high peak


Pole barn backBoth ends of the pole barn.
Pole barn front


The detached garage. Oddly enough, the other end of this garage
is the only eave angle that doesn't have a hive.

I did not get a photo of the wasp nest in the Volvo in the front yard. Smokey, Matthew, and Ser Percival The Energetic alll got stung before the nest was destroyed. There are probably other nests that were uncovered and obliterated, or are still undiscovered, around the place. 

What wasps are good for (NSFW if you work in any sort of a civilized place.)

And thus endeth your latest lesson on Living In The Woods.

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0 Responses to Thursday tales: wildlife (of a sort).

  1. Silvernfire says:

    Good heavens, what was in those socks?

  2. soxanne says:

    Demonstrations of why I will always be the City Cousin. It’s not that we don’t have vermin in the city but…all those wasps! I’m allergic and thus terrified, always, of the wasps.
    (I do feel for the pregnant spider)

  3. Erika says:

    So much better than city roaches, though! And fleas… every apartment building I’ve ever lived in has been plagued with fleas. They are a lot easier to control in the country.

  4. Lorette says:

    Remind me to send you our pest guy before I ever come to visit. The wasps alone would drive me out into a motel.

  5. gayle says:

    Aw, man, wasps…
    Flies, ok, flies have a purpose. Bees have a purpose. Every other bug fills some niche and has a purpose.
    But wasps. Wasps are just Evil.

  6. k says:

    I think it’s Wisconsin. I have had spiders in my cars for years. (I couldn’t figure out how I was getting all these 3/4 of a circle bruises on my legs, till I figured out they were coming from one car. And spiders.)
    I’ve had a snake in my oven, on the farm. And yes, frogs. They freak the cat right out.

  7. Gillian V says:

    But you have to admire the skill of the wasp in nest building. 😉

  8. Julia G says:

    We used to have a bunch of wasps nests in our yard in coastal CT until I found a some websites that suggested placing decoy wasp nests strategically around your yard in March or April, when wasps are checking out real estate for nest-building – apparently they are very territorial. You can buy fancy decoy nests from gardening catalogs, or go Canadian style and tie brown paper lunch bags stuffed with newspaper artistically in tree branches and deck railing corners (my problem areas). We also used Cedarcide on the existing hives just to be sure. Worst case, you’ll have some goofy-looking bags tied in your trees, but it’s worked pretty well for us for two years now. Good luck!

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