Sunday and a DST rant.

  1. Partner :: spouse.
  2. Villain :: bad guy.
  3. Signature :: Needles. Duh.
  4. Homespun :: yarn. x2.
  5. Ultimate :: quest.
  6. Don’t! :: do it!
  7. Musical :: comedy.
  8. Candor :: Voltaire. Oh, wait. That's Candide, right?
  9. Terrified :: of rats.
  10. Virus :: computer.

* * * * *

I don't want to hear any whining about the daylight savings time change. It's one hour, for crying out loud. It's not like you just flew from Minneapolis to Tokyo and have a fifteen hour time difference to adjust to. It's a one-hour lag, like flying from Minneapolis to Denver.

Get over it.

(Unless you have a really, really stubborn body clock that refuses to adjust easily. Then you have my sympathies.)

* * * * *

And now a little post-Halloween scaring (via the

* * * * *

On Saturday I went to One Day University at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The lectures I chose to attend were:

  • Iran, Israel, and Why The Mideast is Such a Mess. Charles Freilich / Harvard.
  • What Would the Founding Fathers Think of America Today? Wendy Schiller / Brown University.
  • How The Brain Works: Why We Do What We Do. Marvin Chun / Yale University.
  • What Can We Learn From The Ancient Philosophers? Laurence Cooper / Carleton Chris Something-or-other / New Orleans University. (Professor Cooper hurt his back last week and could not attend.)

It was fun and interesting and thought-provoking, so much so that I signed up for the next one in Minneapolis, in April. Younger Son is thinking about going with me.

Since I had to be in downtown Mpls at 9:30 am on Saturday, I drove in on Friday to stay overnight, run a few errands and, most importantly, see some of my favorite people* — the Knit Night Orphans. It was delightful to knit with them again and chat. Don't know when I will be back to do it again but I am already looking forward to it.

A few sights seen along the way:

The post office in Lindstrom, MN, where I stopped to mail my mittens to Adrienne.
Translation, anyone? I don't read or speak Swedish.

DSCN0937 DSCN0939
Yarn bombing observed along Minnehaha Parkway.

* * * * *

And now for something completely different: YS playing keep-away with Percy.

Thirty-nine seconds of doggie delight.


* Except for the person in the group who essentially accused an unspecified one of us of stealing two of her knitting books. That was… awkward. Especially when she commented that she had known most of us for over ten years. (Three of us are newcomers, thus apparently more deserving of suspicion. Er…)


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0 Responses to Sunday and a DST rant.

  1. Anna D says:

    “Stort tack för ert förtroende” – A big thank you, for your trust
    Although, they misspelled “förtroende”

  2. Kym says:

    I love the One Day University concept! If I were closer, I’d want to go with you.

  3. gayle says:

    I just like to gripe about the fact that I’ll be doing 5pm chores in the dark from here to the end of January. I’d rather just stay permanently on DST…

  4. k says:

    I’d rather be stinking rich and move from my well-heated North Pole abode to my equally well-heated South Pole abode, so I could have a whole stinking pile of days of 24-hour sunshine. But I love fall-back. I need that hour.
    Sorry about the paranoia person. I get that way sometimes, but I always find out I am just stupid and put the missing thing somewhere. Although I am half-convinced somebody broke in and stole my black hoodie. And Yay! for more socks. I am desperately short on them. School took up too much time, and I’m down to three pairs that aren’t horribly embarrassing. I’m working on it.

  5. soxanne says:

    Books? What books? Mostly I hope that doesn’t deter you from joining us in the future!
    Glad ODU went well. I’m still enjoying my MOOC immensely.
    Love the socks.

  6. Silvernfire says:

    Yes, do come back–it was delightful seeing you. With any luck, by the next time you’re in town, the awkwardness will all be long forgotten.
    The yarn bombing blends in so well with its surroundings.

  7. Chelsea says:

    Aargh, I was in Missouri and missed your visit! S. told me about the drama, but I wish I’d been there to see you anyway.

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