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Post-turkey links.

photo credit: allaboutgeorge via photopin cc I love these. One woman downsizes and writes about it. From the Department of the Bleedin' Obvious. (HT to k, who introduced me to this Tumblr.) Remember, women never anything in history. (ditto) The … Continue reading

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Black FO Friday.

I finished another pair of socks. Or, as I like to think of it, another skein of sock yarn bit the dust. That weird lumpiness near the top of the socks? I pulled the socks over my leggings to avoid … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday Thursday, the thankful edition.

I already had a post scheduled for Tuesday, so I am doing this on one The Real Day. Ten Things I Am Thankful For. The usuals: family, financial security,¬†relatively good health, the good health insurance that keeps it that way; … Continue reading

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Adventures in dyeing, part B.

You may recall that I have made a couple tuques from an old voyageur pattern.   Smokey liked them so well that he wanted one, too. Tragically, I did not have anything like enough of that gray-blue DK superwash wool … Continue reading

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Adventures in dyeing, part 1.

(Discovered this post and tomorrow's in the drafts folder. Time to go public.) Sometime last year In December 2010 I won some Black Bunny fingering weight yarn at Webs. I blogged about it at the time, but here is a … Continue reading

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Mondays are for blocking. And scarves.

Actually, last Tuesday was for blocking. But who's counting? You have seen both of these before. The scarf at left is for the Red Scarf Project. The one at right is for me and has a sort-of matching hat (same … Continue reading

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Pre-turkey Sunday.

First, the unconscious mutterings. Virginia:: Tech. Soft:: Charmin. Carol:: CaroleKnits. Vanity:: Evil. Feminist:: Nazi. ( I don't think feminists are Nazis. I happened to see the term yesterday, and it stuck in my head.) Alias:: Grace. Coward:: -ly Lion. Beer:: … Continue reading

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Links for your turkey.

photo credit: Marcel Oosterwijk via photopin cc Beautiful and sad. There are no words. Here's how the commercial was made. And another one. Life-sized dollhouse on the Canadian prairie. (via The Bloggess) Hijacked coins. (ditto) A newly designed sauceboat, just in … Continue reading

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A hat really shouldn’t be this hard.

Awhile back I offered to knit a hat and/or scarf and/or mittens for Elder Son's friend Al√≠. When he was here in August he complained of being cold, so a hand-knit seemed in order. Last week he sent me a … Continue reading

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Gizmodo comes to Polk County!

(Well, they probably didn't actually come here. More likely they emailed/called.) Our highway department has given presentations on this method at the state highway department conference and other venues, including a meeting of the Polk County Board of Supervisors, of … Continue reading

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