Random Wednesday.

Last night (Tuesday) I saw an acquaintance at a meeting. He had had a hip replacement the previous Wednesday and was out and about, no walker, just walking with 2 canes. Sheesh! I did not even venture out of the house for at least a couple weeks. After the meeting I offered to help him with his briefcase and iPad and he declined, saying he was fine. And he was. The guy is over 60 and a Vietnam vet who was subjected to Agent Orange, has had 24 (24!) surgeries so far. And had one knee replaced four times.

On the plus side, he said that I was his inspiration to have his hip done because he saw how happy I was afterward*. So there is that.

* * * * *

photo credit: Louis Abate via photopin cc

Today, the day after I finished and mailed our tax returns, I am cleaning up my desk and organizing the flurry of papers that I was tossing around yesterday. The file drawer with our tax returns was getting too full, so I went through and pulled out stuff that didn't need to be saved, like all the medical receipts. We always save them and I add them up at tax time, but the total is never enough to deduct. 

In the interest of privacy, I shredded everything with our name on it… and overheated the shredder multiple times. I am a shredding fool!

* * * * *


Misha The Rescue Dog had forgotten the rules about relieving herself in the house, so she has been back on the leash 24/7 for a couple weeks. It is working, although she didn't pee for four days at the beginning and didn't poop for another couple of days. The way I finally got her to understand that she is supposed to *go* in the new dog run was by putting a small rug out there. It was the one she had favored as her toilet in the house, and even though Smokey had put it through the washer twice, it still smelled. If I could smell it, so could she. It worked. I am so proud to be (somewhat) smarter than the dog.

To get her pooper working, I consulted the internetz to see if we could give her a laxative. Consensus was no, but alternatives were offered: milk gives dogs diarrhea and exercise is always stimulating. Misha got a small dish of milk twice a day and I took her for a walk shortly afterward. Eventually that worked, too.

Dog ownership is sooo glamorous, isn't it?

* He is the second person to comment that I seem much happier and smilier since the hip replacement. I didn't realize how much it showed. 

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0 Responses to Random Wednesday.

  1. Kym says:

    Oh, dogs. They keep us on our toes, that’s for sure. And I’m so glad to hear that the hip replacement has brought you smiles and happiness! That’s great news for sure!

  2. Kari W. says:

    I give the dogs pumpkin when they have poop issues (both when they are too loose and when constipated). Plus they love pumpkin so sometimes they get some just because (I make up a good reason for fun).
    So glad your new hip is making your life just that little bit better.

  3. k says:

    Katniss has just figured out that she lives here for sure, and it’s been a year. I feel so bad for these animals, thinking how sad their lives must have been. Which is why we figure out that if they peed on the rug before, we can assume they’ll pee on it again, and be called good people for it.
    It’s called the Superpath hip replacement, and I’ve heard good things. But sometimes it isn’t an option.

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