It’s Sunday!


  1. Untraceable :: Witness Protection Program.
  2. Senator :: Humphrey.
  3. Humongous :: gigunda.
  4. Drinks :: Mai tais.
  5. Ringing :: in the ears.
  6. Overloaded :: potato.
  7. Annoyed :: buzzing.
  8. Blondie :: Sunday funnies.
  9. Suits :: FBI.
  10. Deadly :: serious.

* * * * *

Ser Percival The Energetic is ready for Halloween.

Percy in shark suitDah dah, dah dah, dah dah!

* * * * *

We all know that good tools can make any job go more smoothly. Tools can also be toys. Let me show you a couple of Smokey's toy–, er, tools.

This mahogony case (mahogony! for a set of screwdrivers!) lives in a cabinet next to his chair in the living room. Although I probably laughed myself silly when he got this, I cannot tell you how handy it is to always have the right size screwdriver to hand*.


Toys 3


Here we have the latest toy: a butane-powered soldering iron**. See the flame glowing at the left end? This is the camping soldering iron, for times when there is no electrical hookup. (He often putzes on the car when we are on vacation while I spend my time knitting.)

Toy 1

  * Kinda makes my three (3!) sets of interchangeable needles look reasonable, doesn't it?

** Those of you with Significant Others who are similarly inclined to DIY, do tell them about this little wonder. I predict they will be intrigued.


Edited to add: speaking of toys, check out this 2008 photo of ipods.

IpodsSome dead, some in use.


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0 Responses to It’s Sunday!

  1. Kym says:

    I’m always happy when Tom gets new tools or fly-tying materials or other gadget-y/toys. Makes me feel free to add to my own “collections!” (I have an iPod “grouping” much like yours.)

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