Sunday, Sunday.


  1. Latch :: door.
  2. Standard :: grade.
  3. 60 :: percent
  4. Maple :: syrup.
  5. Final :: exam.
  6. Bickering :: The Bickersons.
  7. Diner :: eggs.
  8. Nasty :: smell.
  9. Ohhh! :: Uh oh!
  10. Leeches :: bait. Why, yes, I did grow up in Minnesota, where leeches mean only one thing.

* * * * *

I was singing Sunday, Sunday as I began this post.
What a disappointment to remember the correct song title.

* * * * *

We did some tree trimming and forest maintenence last weekend.

Kiera The Teenaged Helper womaned the weed wrench and uprooted unwanted saplings.

Younger Son handled the electric chain saw and did the actual pruning.

Percy took care of the sticks.



Percy branchSorry, no video of Percy and a branch. You will have to be satisfied with this still.

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