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Looking for a Halloween costume? Look no further.

photo credit: Nicola since 1972 via photopin cc From the blog of a former cancer patient: Was contemplating Halloween costumes today and thought:  "I could just wear housepants and slippers.  Slip on one of my old chemo bracelets and carry a … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday!

Poison :: ivy. Las Vegas :: stars. Nanny :: -cam. Tablet :: computer. Trail :: Oregon. Innocent :: trail of the. Invited :: uninvited. Life :: torment. Tormented :: sad. Lousy :: lice. * * * * * The red … Continue reading

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Links prepare for trick-or-treat.

photo credit: The ChainMaille Lady via photopin cc Halloween is coming. Do you have your scary books ready? Animals being jerks.  Grrr. (via One-handed zipper. Kittehs: the original Mensa. (via More kitteh: Sygmond, the world's most majestic cat. … Continue reading

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After the Rapture…

Whilst cleaning my office, I came across this card, sent to me last winter by a knitting friend. To save you the trouble of googling, I have found a source for the card here. It is available in an assortment … Continue reading

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Meet Rambo.

Rambo is one of Lennie The Mechanic's dogs. Rambo is also a female (!) and a sweet, friendly canine, even though she looks fierce and has a ferocious name. She also like to jump onto cars and look in the … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday: the times foods they are a’changin’ edition.

10 Foods You Eat Regularly Now That Were Exotic (or unheard of) When You Were a Kid* What a great Ten on Tuesday topic — food, my favorite subject! My upbringing was solidly boring in the food department. Meat, potatoes, … Continue reading

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Fun with Ser Percy.

Percy thinks he is a lap dog.   Ser Percy gets ready for Halloween. Let's take a closer look at those glam paws, shall we?

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On any given Sunday.

dead :: ringer bangs :: hair future :: imperfect holistic :: medicine circumstance :: beyond our control past :: future fan :: girl happened :: one night room :: -ful awful :: -ness * * * * * Last week … Continue reading

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Links come in all forms.

photo credit: The ChainMaille Lady via photopin cc Bananas just the way you like them. (Click through to #5.) Things are not always what they seem. Remember Tetris when you do your Christmas shopping.. This one is for the vegetable gardeners, … Continue reading

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Random Wednesday.

Last night (Tuesday) I saw an acquaintance at a meeting. He had had a hip replacement the previous Wednesday and was out and about, no walker, just walking with 2 canes. Sheesh! I did not even venture out of the … Continue reading

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