E-mail from Cousin George.

photo credit: rachelcreative via photopin cc

Smokey got an email from his cousin telling of cousin's mother, age 90-something, who still lives on her own and drives herself.

"She was getting ready to go for lunch and she thinks she turned too quick and when she did, she fell on her back.  She has a medical alert button around her neck, but instead called her neighbor Roy (85 yrs old) to help her. He fell also, so he called Stan (83)  and the two of them got her in her chair. I told her she can't do that to Roy & Stan and needs to use the button around her neck."

Cousin took Auntie to ER for x-ray, etc. No broken bones nor injured organs (whew), just very sore back muscles. She is now in rehab and doing simple exercises to get stronger. She should be back home soon.

This is Auntie who was married to Smokey's favorite uncle and who is feisty as they come, a total delight. We love her dearly and wish her all the best… as long as it doesn't involve calling on Roy or Stan for help.


Note: the wheelchair is up there only because I like to have an image. Auntie is not in a wheelchair.

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  1. Vicki says:

    I really sort of love this story. I’m glad that Auntie, Stan & Roy are all okay… and that they are there for each other. I’m thinking that if Auntie felt she was truly gravely injured, she’d have used her button. Sometimes it’s hard to know, but… 90-something? Feisty? I think she’d know. Maybe I like to think that I’d know!

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