On any given Sunday…

First, the weekly mutterings.

  1. Teacher :: mother. (My mom was a first-grade teacher. She eased into retirement by switching to kindergarten for the last few years.)
  2. Activity :: after-school.
  3. Scared :: shitless.
  4. Suction :: blood. (This association is no doubt due to the multitude of surgeries that have happened around here lately.)
  5. Impossible :: task.
  6. Terrestrial :: humungous. (I didn't consciously look at the next word, honest. Perhaps my mind somehow registered it without me being aware of it.)
  7. Humongous :: terrestrial.
  8. Cheekbones :: high.
  9. Dream :: Weaver.
  10. Fog :: of memory.

* * * * *

Inspired by blackbird and Jen. My favorite things right now:

  • My iPad.
  • This song.
  • The cooler weather after that horrendous wave of heat and humidity we had forever over a week.
  • The two pairs of fun shoes I bought for myself at the beginning of the summer. The other pair is bright red, no longer available.
  • The super sekrit knitting project I started a few days ago, and the sock yarn afghan I started at the same time. More on those later.
  • Watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. I just started season 3.

* * * * *

The high today is forecast to be 73˚. You know what that means, right?


Deck knitting

Yarn autumn

Please appreciate how nicely those colors blend with our vintage 1976 carpet.


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0 Responses to On any given Sunday…

  1. Kym says:

    Oh. That video! (Great shoes, too.) (But I can’t with Breaking Bad.)

  2. gayle says:

    Had to watch that video twice! Thank you!

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