Sunday random (as usual).

First, the weekly mutterings.

  1. Weird :: Al (Jankovich).
  2. Balance :: ballet.
  3. Personal :: best.
  4. Reproduction :: copying.
  5. Distraction :: ADD.
  6. Articulate :: artichoke.
  7. Shovel :: grave.
  8. Column :: numbers. Hey, I am an accountant, remember?
  9. Drastic :: action.
  10. Bombastic :: Winston Churchill.

* * * * *

Smokey brought me flowers on Thursday, which I chose to put on my messy desk right by my side.



* * * * *

The patio tomato is thriving. It has some tiny tomatoes that are stubbornly green. We have no idea what kind of tomato it is except that it is growing like a vine tomato rather than a bush type. It had no tag and the person at the greenhouse when we bought it (plants grown by the adult sheltered workshop and cash register staffed by volunteers) knew nothing about it. It was also the only tomato plant to be found.

Mystery tomato plant:


The spearmint makes the deck tremble with its vigor. The cilantro, not so much.



En Esch likes it when I am on the deck because then he is protected from the feline-feasting forest monsters that lurk just off screen.


* * * * *

Remember the photo of the many-reds scarf? In case you don't, here is another view:


The amazing thing is that neither this nor the previously blogged photo was tweaked except for cropping. Color is exactly how it came out of the camers. You all know how hard it is to photograph red objets d'knit. Apparently the secret is to have MANY reds.

* * * * *

 How about some Percy pictures? Now with Instagram-type effects!

Stuff on my dog
Stuff On My Dog.


Come in Bravo One This is Dogfort

"Come in Bravo, this is Dogfort."


Percy in convert

"Is it time for my ride in the convertible, Papa?"




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0 Responses to Sunday random (as usual).

  1. Sophanne says:

    Articulate:artichoke. It’s why we are friends. Thank you for posting so frequently. I love your blogging, your grand dog and your red scarf. Single crochet on the outside?

  2. soxanne says:

    love the flowers ….
    my tomato has wilt so bad it’s nearly done
    my cilantro died
    my cucumber is actually an eggplant
    this garden thing doesn’t seem to be my specialty

  3. Big Alice says:

    The flowers are beautiful!
    I love patio tomatoes. I’ve been growing cherry and plum tomatoes for years in pots and they do so well (probably because I could move them to the highest sun location possible. Western Oregon, not known for tomatoes).
    Also I was always afraid to plant any mint in the ground for fear it might grow over my house and eat me. They were that vigorous. I never had had any luck with cilantro. They just don’t grow for me.
    I too am amazed at your red scarf. My camera hates reds and in particular red-purples.

  4. Vicki says:

    Oh, the spearmint/cilantro! Sorry, but that makes me laugh… and nod.

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