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End-of-summer links.

photo credit: Pericomart ( ¡ VIVA EL MAL, VIVA EL CAPITAL ! ) via photopin cc** Want to see some yo-yo tricks?* Readers' favorite New Yorker cartoons.  Neil Gaiman quote yarn bombed. The Magnetic Fields lyrics illustrated by cats. Linkety from … Continue reading

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Friday stuff.

But first, let me show you what happens when a book-lover and avid reader gets a little carried away requesting books from her library system. Those are the books stacked by my bedside. There are seven more that got cut … Continue reading

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Out and about again.

Really, I need to keep my camera attached to my dashboard. So many sights to capture. Last Thursday on the way to interview candidates for the computer support position for the ten municipal libraries. On the way home yesterday from … Continue reading

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Sorry, cannot blog.

I am going out soliciting today.  For donations to the local humane society's fundraiser! Get your mind out of the gutter. Finished a pair of socks yesterday, started a new long-term project.  More later/tomorrow/someday…

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If it is Sunday, I must be muttering. And stuff.

First, the mutterings. 64 :: When I'm… Dark :: Crystal. Honor :: thy father. Crystal :: Gayle. Postscript :: printer. Things :: go awry. Fever :: heat. Bare :: butt. Thump :: Bunny! Point of view :: slanted. * * … Continue reading

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photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc Although buying local is generally a good idea, it should not apply to quinoa. Ballet dancers in random locations. Maps to teach you about the world. Percy goes frog hunting. One second on … Continue reading

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Picking some nits.

I may have mentioned that John Sandford's Prey series of police procedurals are my favorite over all other mystery/suspense/procedurals because his characters are so darned intelligent yet understated. Yesterday I picked up the latest one, Silken Prey, at the library. I … Continue reading

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A rural Wednesday in late August.

Today I was out and about. There are signs of fall. The corn crop is water stressed. The hay has been gathered into giant round bales. Gardens are at their peak. And the temperature was about 90˚ with the same … Continue reading

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Sunday, mutterings, and stuff.

Karma :: bad. Detail :: -oriented. Conversation :: starter. Optimistic :: live longer. Social :: justice. Approval :: ratings. Tab :: open, many. PM :: AM Share :: cookies. Cheat :: income taxes. * * * * * Smokey maintains … Continue reading

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The game of link(s).*

photo credit: disavian via photopin cc Posters. Weird photo of the fortnight. YouTube complaint department, parts 1 and 2. If Microsoft redesigned the iPod packaging. Have you heard [of] Landfill Harmonic? Just a kitten and some ferrets. Cat bounce! By amazing … Continue reading

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