County fair time again!

I worked at the booth where all the library Friends groups sold used paperback. We shared the booth with the Usbourne books lady. Usborne books are generally sold like Tupperware or Longaberger baskets — by parties, although this woman also works with the libraries. Her (new, children's) books were in front:


Our used adult paperbakcs – not THAT kind of adult paperbacks — were in the back half of the building, covering the tables and the back wall of shelves.


She had games set up in front to lure kids and parents. Here she is instructing the 4H kids — fair guides — in how to help with the games.


Unlike almost every other year, the heat broke before this year's fair. Usually it is 85˚+ and humid. I don't do heat.

My volunteering consisted of a half hour of storytime here, right next to the building, above:


…and that is exactly how many kids showed up. The previous day, the stand and the storytimes were jammed, but not my day. Oh, well.

This boy was intent on coloring his entry in the art contest.


His brother joined him.


I think they were farm kids — extremely quiet and well-behaved — plus older brother looks to have been showing animals (note the number on his back).

The local corn crop has been suffering from drought, although you might not guess it from these fine examples.


Kale, anyone?


How about some gras–, er, hay?


Yes, this is a mirror framed by plastic spoons. A+ on workmanship, something less for taste.


I didn't walk around the whole fair because my back hurt, but I saw this as I was leaving. It is a gathering of all the people over 100 years old in the county. Only six of these folks were that old — a lot of others came to admire them.

And that is a small sample of the 2013 Polk County fair. It doesn't change much year to year. 2010. 2008. 2007 and 2007 covered in excruciating detail (animalstransportfoodfiberoverall).

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2 Responses to County fair time again!

  1. Carole says:

    Awww, that’s a shame that you didn’t get to do story time! Good for you for helping out.

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