Mutterings on a Monday.

  1. Packing :: road trip!
  2. Rent :: lease.
  3. Inspire :: knitting.
  4. Anti-social :: behavior
  5. Common :: goals.
  6. Repeats :: lots.
  7. Dracula :: Count.
  8. Cross :: -eyed
  9. Short sighted :: myopic.
  10. Corrupt :: officials. (Sigh.)

* * * * *

I have a new-to-me car! 

Car 98 volvo

It replaces this one…

Car oasis

… which will go to Elder Son to use during his final year in grad school in Ann Arbor.

You may remember he totaled our yellow Aveo last winter and didn't want another car or ever to drive again if he could help it. But he will need a car to go to residency interviews this fall. Smokey was planning to fix up a 1982 Rabbit convertible that he has in the pole barn, but he was worried about its reliability. My minivan needs a little work — new belts, to have the plastic sheathing in the wheel wells reattached, swap out the radio (this one  got rained on once too many times) — but it is proven reliable. A/c doesn't work, but it has a sunroof.

Enough about him. Now, me!

Smokey and YS went out yesterday to rent a carpet cleaner. While they were out Smoke decided to peek at all the used car lots in the area to see if he could find a suitable car for ES. In the process they came across the Volvo station wagon. As soon as they saw it, they knew I would like it; I had commented more than once that I was jealous of the Volvo they bought last winter for YS. This one has all the features his has: heated seats, leather interior, power everything; plus a few more: all-wheel drive, moon roof, cruise, cargo nets, fold-down rear seats.

Car 98 volvo angle

We will trade in this one, which Smokey inherited from his parents and which has been adorning the front yard far too long.

Car 91 volvo

Now you know a secret about my husband: he goes out to [fill in the blank] and comes home with a car. Another secret: one of his favorite things is any problem that can be solved by buying a car.

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3 Responses to Mutterings on a Monday.

  1. soxanne says:

    I once worked with a woman who, while waiting for her husband to go to the restroom as they were leaving a restaurant, walked across the street and purchased a car for herself.

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