If it’s Sunday, this must be random.

  1. Wine :: mmm-more.
  2. Hand :: in glove.
  3. Bottle :: rocket.
  4. Soda :: chocolate.
  5. List :: tipping.
  6. Thimble :: thumb.
  7. Sample :: swatch.
  8. Cloth :: fabric.
  9. Correspond :: -ent.
  10. Taste :: of Minnesota.

Our nasty heat wave broke on Friday. It's very pleasant now. Whew.

When Younger Son is here, Ser Percival The Energetic is here, too. Here he is modeling his new Float Coat.

Percy float coat

Ser P is so heavy and solidly built that he cannot swim easily; mostly he just sinks while frantically dog-paddling. The float coat solves that problem. This was its first tryout. Once he realized that he no longer needed to panic, he loved it.

He also loves sticks.

Percy throw

Percy retrieve

See the remains of that pontoon boat on the hill? It is in the process of being dismantled before going to the recyclers. The pontoons have leaks that are too hard to repair (welding aluminum is possible but not easy). Once it is gone we can put the dock back into the lake and retrieve the new-to-us pontoon boat we bought two years ago. Being semi-disabled has really hindered progress around here the past few years.

YS continues working on the future dog run. Scotty The Wonder Teenager started this project last summer and has continued to work on it, but he is laid up right now with a bad arm, so YS has taken over. The project looks promising to be ready before winter.

:: fist pump!::

Back in 2008 when I had a broken ankle Smokey enclosed a poop yard at the bottom of the deck stairs so I would be able to let the dogs in and out.

Poop yard 2

The advantage of this system was we didn't need to go outside, down the stairs, put the dog(s) on their tie-outs, then do it all in reverse when they were done. We just had to let them onto the deck — they knew to go down to the grassy (snowy in winter) fenced-in area.

The disadvantage was that we could not use the deck stairs.

The new dog run will have all the advantages of the poop yard but none of the disadvantages.

Dog run

This is on the uphill side of the house, an area we never use. Construction requires setting landscape timbers in the ground and attaching the fence panels to them; if you look closely you can see the trenches for the timbers. But the ground slopes downhill toward the camers, hence, the buildup at this end.

The run will be 5'x20'.

Dog run w lines

But how will the dogs get in there? you ask.

Look carefully at spot on the deck railing indicated by the arrow. The railing between that notch and the house will be eliminated and a ramp from the deck to the ground installed. Once the dog run is completely finished, Smokey — or more likely, Scotty or YS — will install a gate at the top of the deck stairs. The dogs will then have only one place to go, down the ramp to their new area. There will be gates at each end of the new run for additional access.

This is a big deal to me. As much as I appreciated being able to let the dogs in and out without having to use the stairs, I also missed access to the front yard from the deck. The construction has been complicated by the mechanics of the slope. Thank FSM for strong young helpers!

Here is a view of the deck you have never seen.


The deck stairs and poop yard are just to the right of the picture; the new dog run is 90˚ to the left.

News flash! YS just emailed me a progress photo!

Dog run 3

He reports that from now on the job will be much more straightforward. No more fighting with tree roots and rocks and rocks entwined in tree roots.


If you have made it this far I have a treat for you. If you ever see this brand of pie in the freezer case at your grocers, BUY IT IMMEDIATELY!


We have had three of the blueberry pies in the past few weeks, and they are the best pies I have ever eaten, even better than my mother's (she baked excellent pies but used canned blueberry filling). Thin flaky crust, fresh blueberries, just enough sugar to sweeten the pie but not so much as to overwhelm the blueberry-ness. If we ever get past that flavor — blueberry pie is my favorite kind — we will try the apple and cherry. The Village Piemaker's products are Teh Awesome!


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  1. Sophanne says:

    I love Ser P’s float coat. Float coats and thunder jackets. Our dogs are such fashionistas! Maggie, a pit bull I once knew loved the water and would run herself to exhaustion if permitted. I wonder if eventually Ser P will build his swimming muscles and not need the coat?

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