Ten on Tuesday, the beat the heat edition.

But first, some mumblings left over from Sunday.

  1. Blood :: test.
  2. Obvious :: Mr.
  3. Leadership :: classes.
  4. Vest :: knitted!
  5. Praising :: the Lord!
  6. Chair :: sit down.
  7. Think :: carefully.
  8. Carpet :: cleaner.
  9. Without :: a doubt.
  10. Politics :: is everywhere.

* * * * *

Our part of the country has largely been spared the excrutiatingly high temps and humidity that the East and West have suffered. But anything above 80˚ is considered hot here, so I feel competent to participate in this weeks Ten on Tuesday. Here is my list, in the order in which I 

Ten Ways To Beat The Heat.

  1. Go to the movies or to a mall. I used to do that when I lived in an upstairs apartment without a/c in the inner city.
  2. Turn on the sprinkler and run through it. This is from when the kids were young.
  3. It you are just a little bit hot, sit on the dock and dangle your feet in the water. 
  4. If you are dying from the heat, jump in the lake.
  5. To continue the cool comfort of the water, float on an air mattress in the lake.
  6. After your swim, enjoy a tall cold beverage.
  7. Later, drive to DQ for a large malt. They always make me cold enough to shiver.
  8. Enjoy a root beer float. Like the one Smokey just handed me.Those were things to cool off back in the day. Now we have central air, which Smokey kinda likes to keep at January temps. He is hot-blooded, that one.
  9. Go in the bedroom, which has the advantage of both the central a/c AND a window unit or go downstairs. It’s always at least 10 degrees cooler down there.
  10. Actually, go anywhere in the house. Central a/c makes heat easy to bear.







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0 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the beat the heat edition.

  1. Carole says:

    Floating in a lake sounds perfect right now!

  2. k says:

    Central A/C brands you as a weenie.
    It was 93 here. I admit we went somewhere to get food so we didn’t have to cook, but their A/C was feeble, so ten points back at us.
    But then again, I cut my almost-a-mile morning walk back to around the block at 9:30 this morning, and spent most of the day in the basement.
    Tomorrow will be cooler, and I suspect we’ll get some awesome thunderstorms out of this.

  3. Kym says:

    I hate air conditioning . . . so I always hold out as long as possible without turning it on. But. It’s ON now!!!! 🙂

  4. Soxanne says:

    Weeks like this make me miss having a basement … At least I still have a Dairy Queen down the street 🙂

  5. Jocelyn says:

    Jumping in the lake and drinking cold beverages here. No A/C. I actually volunteered to vacuum the basement last night, simply because I needed a break from the humid 88 degrees.

  6. Sophanne says:

    Smokey is a man after my own personal mercurial comfort.

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