Links love summer.

Link shoephoto credit: Thaddeus Stewart via photopin cc

It helps to have the right parents.

Which do YOU like better: the shoes or the socks?

Can you stand another Keep Calm and…?

So true.

Why she knits, part 1 and part 2.

I love @zoecello's music.

Another choice. Which do YOU prefer: version 1 or version 2?

Tone up your flabby writing.

More advice to writers.

This made me a bit homesick for Minneapolis.


How to cuddle. Another article from that same site.

Friday the 13th, April 2029: a potentially very bad day.

Did you know Natalie Dee markets some fabulous nail polish?

What colour, er, time is it?

Speaking of clocks

* * * * *

Query: have any of your discovered the hover test I put with the links in my Saturday posts?

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0 Responses to Links love summer.

  1. =Tamar says:

    Re the socks vs the shoes: while I admire the fact that the shoes appear to allow for straight toes not to have to bend inward, the depth of the toe box seems rather shallow and I think they would be uncomfortable for me. So I’m voting for the socks, which are neat.
    Re the hopeful vs cynical signs: On the whole I prefer the hopeful, but the cynical provides some balance.

  2. Sophanne says:

    Shoes, version one, and while the pinky didn’t work, I googled and the time at the tone will be red til yellow. As always thanks for the lynx

  3. Sophanne says:

    Ha ha linky not pinky!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Equally the socks and shoes (although not the lacy tops (socks) and not the price (shoes)!
    I had a good laugh at version two, which is also somewhat true.

  5. Nancy G says:

    Answer: as a matter of fact, I did!

  6. Lorette says:

    The color clock! Very cool.

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