Muttering and stuff on a summer Sunday.

  1. Maintenance :: high.
  2. Tight:: tights.
  3. Disillusion :: -ment.
  4. Horizon :: Lost.
  5. In :: & Out Burger.
  6. Humor :: Mad magazine.
  7. Purchase :: burger.
  8. Delectable :: luscious.
  9. Stumble :: Upon.
  10. Words :: are for dreaming. No, I have no idea what that means either, but it is what popped into my head.

* * * * *


Younger Son is a little stretched for money these days, so he and Ser Percival The Energetic have been coming here on weekends to work for pay. It's nice to have him around whatever the reason, plus he is a good worker. Current project is installing a dog run on one side of the house which will be accessible from the deck; when completed this will allow us to remove the makeshift poop yard at the bottom of the deck stairs. Smokey built that poop yard in 2008 when I had the broken ankle, so that I would be able to let the dogs in and out without having to go down the stairs to put the dogs on the tie-out. Several stages to this project: finding the right dog run (check, several years ago), clearing any intrusive saplings on that side of the house (check, Scotty our teenage helper has been working on this), moving the 4"x6" green-treated timbers from the former sandbox/swing set to the site of the new dog run (check), leveling the site (still figuring that out), painting that side of the house (working on that), digging in the timbers and erecting the wire walls of the dog run kit (not yet), making a new opening in the deck railing (not yet), and installing a gate at the top of the existing deck stairs (ta-da).

* * * * *

Last night he and I went to a fabulous new Mexican restaurant in a nearby village* that a friend** (hi, Julie!) had just told me about. (Smokey went back to work this weekend (after 38 days off) so he was sleeping in preparation for his night shift. Poor guy had to miss out on the Mexican food this time.)

This eatery has the potential to be our new favorite. Smokey and I had been to the other local-ish Mexican restaurant earlier in the week, where I had arroz con pollo and was disappointed in how bland and non-flavorful it was. In order to do a proper scientific comparison I ordered the exact same thing at this new place. The first bite convinced me that there will be many visits to Fiesta Loca in my future. I am sooo happy that we finally have good Mexican food available locally. Mmm!

Last night YS and I watched the first three episodes of Lilyhammer, a new Netflix series. Loved it! I look forward to more happy hours of knitting and following the adventures of Giovanni Hendriksen/Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano in small-town and rural Norway.

Speaking of television, have you been watching Borgen? The same friend who told me of the new Mexican restaurant also told me about this Danish series about a female prime minister in that country. (She had also told me about Lilyhammer, so when YS mentioned it last night I jumped right onto his suggestion that we watch it.) 

On our way to dinner we were stopped by a stubborn goose standing in the middle of our lane on the highway. YS honked the horn; goose gave us a dirty look. YS let the car roll closer; goose flapped its wings in annoyance. YS had to put on his flashers, get out of the car, and chase the goose off the highway and back towards its apparent home. Sorry, no photo evidence; not camnesia this time, but when YS pulled out his phone to take a picture of the fowl he noticed there were cars coming. He wisely chose to jump back into the car and get moving again.

* The restaurant's website (first link) has not been updated to reflect the second location.

** Said friend came over Friday afternoon to knit on the deck with me. She brought me a gorgeous deep red lily for my new garden and planted it, too. (I have the best friends in the world.)

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0 Responses to Muttering and stuff on a summer Sunday.

  1. Sophanne says:

    I’ve seen that Lilyhammer in the queues, now I’ve “heard it from a reliable source” I love that dog. Goosey goosey gander, wither do I wander… Into a suicide mission it seems!

  2. JulieH says:

    I’m three for three in my recommendations? Yea! I’m glad you tried the same dish at Fiesta Loca that you had at the “one who shall not be named.” What a great way to make a real comparison!

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