Ten on Tuesday, the hamburger edition.

photo credit: roboppy via photopin cc

This week Carole has us planning ahead for the inevitable cookout on the Fourth of July. Burgers on the grill (rare, please, health risks be damned) are one of my favorite foods on earth.

Ten favorite hamburger toppings.
Ten on Tuesday

  1. Catsup.
  2. Dill pickle slices.

    Okay, that's it. I'm a bit of a purist on hamburgers — as long as I have those two things on my burger, I'm content. If forced, however, I can accept a number of other things.

  3. Raw onion.
  4. Mushrooms and Swiss cheese.
  5. Mushrooms and onion sauteed in butter.
  6. Bacon and cheddar cheese.
  7. Tomato (no lettuce, thanks).
  8. Guacamole. Messy, but worth it.
  9. Cole slaw. Okay, now we're pushing the envelope a bit too far.
  10. Sorry, there is no number 10.

Hamburger 2photo credit: Adam Kuban via photopin cc


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0 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the hamburger edition.

  1. Carole says:

    Most excellent list! Sometimes simple is best of all.

  2. Chris says:

    Heh, I’m all lettuce and tomato and mayo and ketchup and mustard and dill pickle slices. YUM. No onions for me.

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