Links, many.

One link memorial chainI found this on but now I cannot find the attribution. Sorry…

Minnesota The Twin Cities is are Teh Awesome.

The Illuminati — you will never guess who they really are!

Here's that bad advice you were hoping for.

This is why we can's have nice things.

Not everyone loves sheep, even in Britain.

You may have seen this (I may have shown it to you), but it bears repeating.


15 most elegantly written warning signs of all time.

Please do not eat [the crocheted food].

Speaking of food, Natalie Dee is my kind of cook.

Kitteh Olympics. Kitteh goes surfin'.

The Congressional gender gap.

Bone flowers.

I just discovered a whole new(-to-me) musical genre! (via this)

Next time someone whines for something, here's the response they should get.

Grumpy Cat tells all.

Maps that explain the world.

Shopping mall vs. trees. You decide.

She's my wingman.

Remember to check out Chris's links, too.


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0 Responses to Links, many.

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for the mention!!
    Body percussion. Huh. Are you familiar with the Twin Cities band Savage Aural Hotbed?

  2. Big Alice says:

    Heh. I have been using that pony image for YEARS now. Truly. Every new place I work I go google it up again so I can deploy as necessary.
    Also I do not get the humor of the eat-indoors-seagulls-are-aggressive sign. Because they are aggressive. I’ve seen them take bagged sandwiches away from picnickers. On one memorable occasion one landed on the side of the grill, picked up a hotdog, and flew off. NOT MESSING WITH THE SEAGULLS.

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