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Cleanliness is next to something or other, I forget what.

Younger Son and Teenage Helper were both here yesterday. Whilst I slept until 11, Smokey set them to work to remove old washer and dryer and install new ones. We inherited the old washer and dryer from Smokey's mom. They … Continue reading

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Linksies resumes! [applause]

photo credit: banspy via photopin cc I love these. America's worst charities. Don't you wish you could do this to your skin/hair/boobs/whatever? Hooters? The reviews are fabulous. Hunting Edward Snowden. Natalie Dee scores again. The Fourth of July is almost … Continue reading

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Hi, remember me? I used to blog here.*

* Lost post provided via Google cache, but mostly thanks to my friend Elizabeth from Friday night knitting @ Starbucks in St Paul, who is wise in the ways of the web. Thanks, Elizabeth! Random stuff about the hip surgery and whatever else … Continue reading

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Grrr, Typepad.

I put up a post a couple days ago (I thought), but apparently it was eaten by Typepad.  Grrr. It was, of course, the best prose ever to flow from my fingertips and impossible to recreate. In short, it said: Walking … Continue reading

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Home again.

After surgery there are certain things that are the recuperating patient's friend. A kind and generous caregiver, one who can keep the meds straight and the water bottle full and the phone answered.  Satin sheets and pjs. Oh, how I … Continue reading

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When I come home.

Dateline: Monday, June 3. Yay for pre-scheduled posts! You may remember I have whined about the mess that is my home office. Knowing that I would be using a walker after the surgery prompted me to take care of part … Continue reading

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Tool identification.

Smokey has tools like we all have yarn; in other words, a lot. They tend to get scattered all over the house and the garage(s) and the pole barn and wherever he happens to be working. When it comes time … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the ice cream edition.

Ice cream is (one of) my downfall(s). I have bought an ice cream cone for myself when the temp was -25˚F. In the past year I have attempted to pursuade myself — with some success — that a small dish … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday. Where is summer?

Progress :: Energy.* Wife :: partner. Denim :: jeans. Wow :: -zers. Jacket :: potato.** Studio :: draft. Boyfriend :: teenager. Tablet :: broken.*** Hidden :: secret. Closer :: baseball.    * A stock my inlaws used to own. I … Continue reading

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Links, many.

I found this on but now I cannot find the attribution. Sorry… Minnesota The Twin Cities is are Teh Awesome. The Illuminati — you will never guess who they really are! Here's that bad advice you were hoping for. … Continue reading

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