Ten on Tuesday, the long weekend edition.

 Ten Things I Did Over The Weekend.

  1. Knit. Duh
    Ten on Tuesday
  2. Finished Life After Life by Kate Atkinson and started The Memory of Breathing by Perry Klass.
  3. (Knit.) Read and re-read and studied and analyzed the Snicket Socks pattern until I finally figured out how the leg pattern works. It's not all that hard, but I had put the pattern on my iPad instead of printing it out and that meant I could not compare the written instructions side by side with the chart — had to keep flipping back and forth. When I bit the bullet and attempted to print out the chart, my husband's computer (the only one with a functioning printer at the moment) locked up. So I went back to flipping back and forth between screens and eventually it all clicked.
  4. Attended our lake association annual meeting, gave my report on doings in county government. (I am the county board rep on our lake association board.)
  5. Watched the Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire on Netflix. (Today I will watch The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest.) I also ordered the American version from the library; compare and contrast, etc. Tragically, the library consortium has only the first of the three movies; my Netflix has only the Swedish versions. Big Red Box, I may be visiting you for the first time
  6. Knit. Started a simple ribbed hat with the skein of Knit Picks Swish Bulky that was left over from my hat and scarf. This turned out to be the perfect thing to knit while watching the above movies because I didn't need to keep my eyes on my knitting, thereby freeing them to read the subtitles.
  7. Made a dandy dinner that took less than 10 minutes of actual prep time. Stir-fried chicken with jalfrezi sauce over brown rice with steamed asparagus. One more thing out of the pantry, one more thing out of the freezer.
  8. Began cleaning my office. My first goal is to clear a path wide enough to use a walker easily, in preparation for my recovery from the hip replacement. Once that is accomplished — probably today — I will begin dealing with the clutter around the edges. 
  9. Played many rounds of Word Seek with Smokey. He worked this weekend (nights as always) so he tended to fall asleep after two or three games.
  10. Did NOT knit on the deck. Not quite warm enough. Yet.



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0 Responses to Ten on Tuesday, the long weekend edition.

  1. Teri says:

    How did you like the Swedish versions? I have to confess to really liking Swedish productions. I may have to check these out. Show us the knitting when you can…

  2. rebeccawip says:

    sounds like a darn good weekend! lots of loveliness – need to ake a page from your book ;D
    i so relate to the printer/digital pattern snafoos.

  3. JulieH says:

    You packed a lot in! I think you’ll find the Swedish version is the best. The American version is more violent.

  4. soxanne says:

    I love those Snickett socks … it’s worth it.
    Such a productive weekend; you put some of us to shame.
    You’ve made me want to revisit those movies. I don’t have a Netflix account at the moment. Hmmmm….

  5. Bonnie says:

    You knit while watching a movie with subtitles? I’m in awe.

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