Sunday stuff.

  1. Arrow :: shirts.
  2. Hum :: ho.
  3. Cornerstone :: of democracy.
  4. Flight :: of the bumblebee.
  5. Music :: box.
  6. Determine :: -ist.
  7. Analysis :: financial
  8. Better day :: tomorrow.
  9. Audio :: video.
  10. Meditation :: sleep.

* * * * *

I am nearly done with my bulletproof socks. They were not as much fun to knit as I expected. Worsted weight yarn on US#2 needles = hard work. The socks will last forever but I'm not sure they are worth the effort. I think the second pair will be knit on US#4s.

* * * * *

We think winter may be over. It hasn't snowed for over two weeks. (Hope I didn't jinx us with that statement.) Ice went out of the lake two weeks ago. We haven't had the heat on since Tuesday or Wednesday. Temp has been well over 70˚ for several days. I have opted for capris instead of long jeans. Our winter down comforters are just too warm for comfortable sleeping.

Let the summer begin!

* * * * *

I ran out of coffee a couple days ago. Oh, the horror!

Happily, I had put in an order for my favorite — a 3-pound bag of Alakef French Roast — at the coffee kiosk in my tiny town. Younger Son picked it up for me on his way here today so I am currently enjoying a perfectly marvelous homemade quad latte.

::sigh:: Life is perfect again

* * * * *

Cleaning out my blog folder.




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0 Responses to Sunday stuff.

  1. gayle says:

    I keep a bag of coffee beans in my freezer, just for that kind of emergency. Oh, the horror, indeed!

  2. k says:

    We are three (coffee fiends) in this household. NOOOOO!
    The last ice left the Bay up here on the 13th, I think. Opener was saved, I believe.

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