Muttering through Mother’s Day.

  1. 537 :: is more than 400
  2. Horizon :: line.
  3. Episode :: seizure.
  4. Character :: -driven.
  5. Crossed :: town bus.
  6. Shipping :: charges.
  7. Jump :: Whoopee Goldberg.
  8. Bowling :: Lebowski.
  9. Grumpy :: Old Men.
  10. Them :: Us.


I celebrated my own Mother's Day yesterday — spent pretty much the entire day in my recliner reading, watching Netflix, drinking coffee/soda/wine (as the day progressed), and knitting. This is Smokey's weekend to work (always with the night shifts) so when he is home he is tucked up in his bed with two dogs and a cat and a box fan for white noise. Today I might be productive. Hard to say, really


A few weeks ago I read a piece in The Nation by Deborah Kopaken Kagan about her experiences as a woman author and how she was demeaned by the publishing industry. I was so inspired/enraged by her experience I clicked over to and bought all four of her books to read on my iPad. (I also clicked over to her website and sent her an email telling her what I did; she emailed back that it made her cry.) Anyhow, I want to recommend her books. She came from an ordinary middle-class background, graduated from Harvard, moved to Paris, worked as a photojournalist covering a lot of gritty stuff (ex., she went into Afghanistan alone during the Soviet-Afghan war), eventually married, had three kids, started to write. The woman has lived more in her 40-odd years than a dozen other other people put together. I highly recommend her books, especially Shutterbabe (memoir) and The Red Book (fiction). Her collection of essays, Hell Is Other Parents, is pretty damned good, too.

Yesterday's book was Odds Against Tomorrow by Nathaniel Rich. I had read the first 60+ pages in fits and starts and was not particularly engaged by it, but yesterday I decided to give it a chance to pull me in. Which it did, in spades. Protagonist is a quant who specializes in the odds of disasters; the 3-person consulting firm he works for makes him rich. Then a real mega-disaster hits New York City — essentially Hurricane Sandy plus Katrina — and his life changes. Some of the scenes were lifted straight out of the news stories of Katrina. Good book, four out of five stars.

Last night I startd NOS4A2 by Joe Hill. Creepy as hell, that one. I follow the author on Twitter. He is currently on tour for the book and every day posts photos of readers attempting to kill him in various ways.


I am enjoying having several projects to hand at all times. A hat, a pair of socks, the top-down set-in sleeve sweater, a scarf of the same yarn as the hat. They are strewn about my chair in various stages of doneness. When I sit down there is the delicious feeling of What shall I pick up this time? Project monogamy, begone!

Remember the humungous external hard drive? I have moved most of my data files over to it and gone into my most-often used programs to direct them to that drive for files. Two programs have me stumped, though: Excel and iPhoto. I can deal with the former, but iPhoto is being a bugger. I have searched through all its menus and preferences and cannot find a place to tell it where to store its files. My internal 160GB hard drive has 76GB of photos. It would be nice to get them all moved and backed up. All suggestions welcome. (I started to email Younger Son yesterday to ask him but got distracted, had to reboot, lost the email, yada yada. So I'm asking y'all.) 

No photos popped into my head to illustrate today's post. Here, in honor of Mother's Day, is a gratuitous one from 1984 of me being a mom to Elder Son.


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0 Responses to Muttering through Mother’s Day.

  1. Kym says:

    LOVE the photo. LOVE. I back up the whole dang she-bang with Time Machine (including iPhoto), so I can’t be much help. (But I can say, with CERTAINTY, that Time Machine ROCKS. . . having had to replace my entire hard drive recently.) Thanks for the author tip – and that sounds like a divine way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Happy one to you, by the way.

  2. Chris says:

    Aww, what a great photo! 😀

  3. =Tamar says:

    Just a couple of wild guesses:
    How about emailing the photos to yourself as attachments, then saving the email to the external drive? Yes, it’s a million emails and double hassle, but it might work. Or.. can you tell your Print function to “print” to a drive?

  4. LisaPB says:

    Check out this article, it should help you move your iPhoto library to an external hard drive.
    Good luck!

  5. Helen says:

    I read DKK’s article too, thought it was very good and very saddening, and bought Between Here and April. Haven’t read it yet. I haven’t finished a book for ages but I’ve been started on thyroid meds so I’m hoping that’ll change soon. Main difference so far is that I have warm feet, which is wonderful. You and the boy are so cute.

  6. Erika says:

    That cat shirt is so 80s it made me LOL! Was it by chance airbrush? Please tell me it was airbrush. If it originally came from an airbrush t-shirt shop at the mall, I will be particularly happy.

  7. Lorette says:

    I hate iPhoto with a passion. I switched to Lightroom some time back. It lets you store your photos easily where you want them to so you can back them up easily. It also doesn’t save five million copies of every photo like iphoto does.
    I love the cat shirt! You were so hip with that long hair!

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