Waiting for Godot.

That phantom hip replacement? Postponed again. This is the fifth postponement. Let me just say… ARGHHHH!

Had the pre-op physical last Monday. Doc found a heart murmur, ordered an echocardiogram to check it out. I had been told about 40 years ago that I had a heart murmur but had none of the accompanying signs and symptoms that would indicate a problem. Apparently that is true when one is young, but this doc told me that as we age our heart valves become less flexible, and what was not a problem at 23 may become a problem at 63. Hence, the echo.

Results of echocardiogram: I have a noisy valve, not a defective one. No worries.

So why is the hip surgery postponed? I have a previously unsuspected urinary tract infection. No big deal, except that surgeon will not operate until my urine is clear. And two days of antibiotics was not enough to achieve that. He wants a clear urine culture, not just a clear urinalysis, and the former takes 48 hours and… there just weren't enough days between then and Monday to get there.

Wish I had remembered earlier that I needed the pre-op physical.

* * * * *

On the other hand, the spring weather has been… crappy. This was Friday when I went for the second urinalysis.


The lake is largely clear of ice but not nearly completely. This is the latest ice-out since we have been here, 22 years. The fishing opener is today on a lake farther north. The joke is that the folks there had their ice augers out to make sure their lake was clear.

Okay, now for something cheerful: the top-down sweater with the set-in sleeves is coming along nicely. Here is is drying after its preliminary blocking.


I thought it would be easier to pick up the neckband and button bands if I blocked it first. It may go to Afghans for Afghans or it may go to the Pine Ridge reservation or it may go into a cedar chest to await a possible grandchild. Hard to say…

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0 Responses to Waiting for Godot.

  1. Chris says:

    ARGH! So sorry the operation has been postponed again! But maybe when it’s rescheduled, there won’t be any chance of you slipping on ice… you’d think you’d be safe from that now, but…
    What a ridiculous “spring”.

  2. Big Alice says:

    ARGGGH indeed
    I’m glad to hear your heart is all right, though.
    And sorry about the crappy weather 😦

  3. Kym says:

    Oh, I am so sorry. About the weather, sure, but MOSTLY about that dang postponement! How frustrating for you. Do you have a new date yet? Or do you just call when you’ve achieved clear urine??? 😉
    (I, too, have a noisy valve. Officially called “mitral valve prolapse” — it doesn’t cause problems, but sounds distinct and loud – with a CLICK – to those wearing stethoscopes.)

  4. k says:

    But on the other hand, WE HAVE DANDELIONS!!! I am really excited.

  5. Jocelyn says:

    Let’s see: the sweater looks better than your urine. How’s that for a compliment?
    I had no idea it was possible to have an undetected urinary infection! Here’s to NO MORE POSTPONEMENTS.

  6. Vicki says:

    Oy. Really? I hope things clear up soon!!

  7. cursingmama says:

    bummer! It seems to me you could be recovered from the replacement by now if it had happened as scheduled the 1st time/

  8. Carrie#K says:

    Are you starting to wonder if you and your hip will be ah, joined at the hip forever?
    Your weather looks glorious! Jealous! Nice sweater too, wherever it ends up, I’m sure it’ll be loved.

  9. Helen says:

    Oh bugger, but better safe than sorry. I once rang my doctor’s surgery for test results: I thought the receptionist said ‘Is it Ewan?’, which is the name of a family member who went to the same doctor, and I said ‘No, it’s Helen.’ I felt such a fool.
    I think that Jamieson’s fingering will soften up a lot after washing.

  10. Julia G says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed you will have prompt and successful surgery, not to mention Spring! Try daily cranberry juice (the real stuff, most “juices” are sugar-loaded “drinks” or “cocktails”) to keep away UTIs – works like a charm. I mix a little in with my morning smoothie because it’s pretty tart. Love the sweater – such a beautiful color!

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