Links, a few.

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Don't hate the knitter, yo. (Via

Apparently success looks a lot like tangled yarn. 

More stuff that looks like yarn.

Get your literary thumbprint.

"The Lost poster gets me every time."

There is no one more committed to open access to information (and everyone's right to privacy*) than librarians.

Twin talk. I always thought it would be extremely interesting to have twins. This just reinforces that belief.

Where would you fall in the British class system (if you were British)? I am an elite, but I lied stretched the truth a little.

Wanna live in Hong Kong? Question is, where would they fit you in? (You may have to scroll down to the post from 4/3/13.)

Lots of knitted hats and mittens! Oh, and dogs.

If you haven't read Michael Perry,  you should. Look for his books, too.




* Remember the Patriot Act? It was librarians who blew the whistle on how it gave the gubmint the right to find out what books you check out and what movies you rent and what websites you visit.

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0 Responses to Links, a few.

  1. claire says:

    I’ve seen the video of the twins talking before, it always makes me laugh. I have twins, they are 40 years old now, but when they were little (from about 8 months to 2 years old) they had a private language that they spoke to each other. It involved holding a hand up like a puppet, and talking to each other. Sometimes it was very quiet, sometimes raucous, with jokes, punch lines and laughter, but it was lots of syllables, not just “da da da da.” Very interesting. They still remember doing it too!

  2. Mary Lou says:

    I am solid middle class. Maggie smith would agree, I’m sure.

  3. soxanne says:

    I am a “New Affluent Worker” which I think is kinda funny.
    Dontcha love librarians?
    Very silly rapping (thanks)

  4. Silvernfire says:

    I think my wedges look the most like “Technical Middle Class,” but the website insists I’m an “Emergent Service Worker.”

  5. Lisa says:

    We’re established middle class, but I think it’s because Don and I have such different social outlets (mine out of the house, his mostly in). I also know lots of people, Maine is a small town. So we’re “gregarious”. It’s all me. He’s an introvert.
    Your pkg should come to you today (Monday).

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