Well, look at that… knitting!

Last October I took a weekend class on double knitting from Lucy Neatby. In order to cement what I had learned into my finger I embarked upon a couple of double knitting projects. The beginnings of one is pictured in the linked post. 

The other has remained a stealth project until very recently.

Soxanne, with whom I took the class and who was my totally delightful roommate, moved to a new condo in November, and I decided to make her a housewarming gift. What better choice than a double knitted, felted trivet?

If you clicked over to that linked post you saw the beginnings of a trivet with a Celtic knot pattern. Guess which of these patterns I picked for it out on Ravelry:

Celtic knot easy 
Celtic knot hard

If you chose the one that looks like it will nicely fill out a square, you are correct. If you also think that it looks a little… complicated, you are also right. 

Which is why its status on Ravelry is zzz.

For Soxanne's gift, I decided on the KISS approach — Keep it simple, stupid. Pre- and post-felting:



(Color is somewhere between the two sets of photos — first pair are too brown, second pair are too blue. True colore are lavender and purple.)

The felting did exactly what I had hoped: it magically disguised any knitting irregularities inadvertent design features.

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0 Responses to Well, look at that… knitting!

  1. gayle says:

    I love double knitting! It’s the perfect way to avoid all those awful floats in colorwork. (Imagine that celtic knot in regular stranded color knitting – what a nightmare the floats would be!
    I need to dig out Madman’s socks and finish them. Because that project stalled forever ago. And it was a lot of fun. (Off to rummage through my WIP bags. Again.)

  2. Soxanne says:

    Love the trivet – used it again today.
    Unfortunately, I have not figured out double knitting yet. Maybe next year 😉

  3. I’ve tried double knitting, but not felting. This is going on my todo list for sure, because yours looks great.

  4. Kym says:

    What a perfect housewarming project! I’ve not yet tried double knitting, but you just may have convinced me to add it to my must-try-at-some-point knitting list. (And felting is somewhat miraculous at smoothing out the wrinkles.)

  5. cursingmama says:

    My favorite pot holders are a pair I felted – something amazing about felted wool in the kitchen… and for hiding any eclectic knitting.

  6. Erika says:

    Nice work! And I love the idea of felting a double knitting project, it would really look awesome.

  7. Jocelyn says:

    Holy crikey, but you are GOOD.
    I need to move.
    So, you know, you could…make…me…

  8. Bonnie says:

    I love it! It looks great. I did one project in double knitting, and I’m not anxious to do another. SO HARD.

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