Look! I found some links!

Links man
photo credit: oskay via photopin cc


More yarnbombing!

Why is this so mesmerizing?

How Google searches work.


The business case for healthier food, by FLOTUS. (My original link was to her original op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, but I screwed it up and cannot find it. This one is probably better; sometimes the WSJ's tweeted articles are behind the paywall. (No surprise, that.))

(Why, yes, I am obsesssed with healthy eating at the moment. Why do you ask?)

David Attenborough… from the animal's point of view.

The toughest bear in the universe.

Smokey wants one.


We've all seen sites like this.

Rewire your brain for positive-ness.

Yikes! (My google-fu tells me this is in Chicago.)

This is how I feel about yoga, too.

The North Korean missile launchas depicted by cats.

Some of us really hate that winter will end.

Wealth inequality is way, way worse that we think it is.

Breakfast with the pope. (Via The Bloggess; follow the last link to see her take on pope-ness.)

“If you misread astringency as acidity, you get it wrong,” Mr. Soud said, seeming to think this constituted a coherent explanation.

And finally, never get so drunk that you can’t make your own way home. Well, duh.


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0 Responses to Look! I found some links!

  1. k says:

    Thank you for the links. I feel better already.
    I started reading about the Mediterranean diet last week, when I was vibrating with stress. I hopped on board when I saw the “at least 7 glasses of wine a week, with dinner.” I went back for seconds tonight; therefore a second glass of wine.
    And I always really liked tetris. Now I know why.

  2. Sophanne says:

    I always read all of your links and am never disappointed. Awwwww wins for me tonight.

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