Links. Sausage links.

Links_sausagephoto credit: Thoth, God of Knowledge via photopin cc

Which is the happiest city in the US? Hint: it's a wine-lover's paradise.

I don't know if this is for real. But somebody was clearing having fun with words. Before they had a heart attack. ETA: It's real and located near Times Square.

Once upon a time we considered getting a ferret. I love ferrets. But two cats and two dogs is enough.

Calvin and Hobbes go real-world. (I saw this before I read Chris's linkety, I swear!)

A cleverly designed website to promote water conservation.

Smokey doesn't wear a wedding ring — a ring is a dangerous accessory for a person who fiddles with electricity and/or mechanicals. But if he did, this is the one I would buy him. (Be sure to click on the video.)

The extraordinary science of junk food. It's a long read but worth it.

To go with that last one: 200 calories per picture. (Once again with the I saw it before I saw it there. What can I say? We read some of the same blogs and find some of the same things interesting.)


Found via The Bloggess: tree rings and the Ministry Clock of Silly Walks.

It's the corps du balleton ice.

The good girls revolted.

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0 Responses to Links. Sausage links.

  1. Soxanne says:

    I always love you links days….
    Ferreteria, for the record, is a hardware store.
    I love The Bloggess.
    The food thing makes my skin crawl – reminds me of my days at The Evil Food Company’s corporate library.
    Calvin and Hobbes are awesome.

  2. =Tamar says:

    Wonderful links! Thank you.

  3. Big Alice says:

    Ha, that ring is really neat! But so not a good idea for someone like me who fiddles with her ring, especially when I’m nervous.

  4. mary lou says:

    I thought you might have a link to the giant Italian sausage costume, missing for a while till it turned up in a bar in Cedarburg…

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