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What is this holiday of which you speak?

Welcome to my Easter! No rest for the wicked tax accountants. Too hard to see the screens against the light of the window: * * * * * Earlier today the dogs told me another dog was running around outside. … Continue reading

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The scarcity of links is appalling.

photo credit: Juan R. Martos via photopin cc The labradoodle that ate Virginia.

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Ten on Tue$day, the $$$ edition.

Ten Things I Would Do If I Won The Powerball.  Quit work. Although I have always enjoyed what I do, this year I am not feelin' it. Retirement would be welcome.  Hire a cleaning person. Even though that would mean putting … Continue reading

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Well, look at that… knitting!

Last October I took a weekend class on double knitting from Lucy Neatby. In order to cement what I had learned into my finger I embarked upon a couple of double knitting projects. The beginnings of one is pictured in … Continue reading

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Links: they’re what’s for breakfast.

photo credit: Ian Sane via photopin cc Speaking of birds, I was lucky enough to see a murmeration once. More birds: "I have my eye on you." And one more. Huh. I seem to be obsessed with birds this week. … Continue reading

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More winter fun and intrigue.

That same weekend that Scottie murdered all the icicles, we got rain that quickly froze into a coating of ice. Over everything. On that Saturday evening we went out for dinner, parking Smokey's white Subaru on the driveway in front … Continue reading

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It was Scottie with a hatchet on the deck.

This is our teenage slave helper having fun with a hatchet on the deck a couple weekends ago. Right around :38 he destroys the divining rod. After he knocked down the icicles he pitched the ice chunks over the railing, thus … Continue reading

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Links for the Ides of March +1.

photo credit: Greg Marshall via photopin cc The Real Thing: from the open pit to your throat. The happiest facts of all time. Kittens show you how to start a knitting group. Gorgeous, genius. Expand it to full screen and … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the green edition.

My Ten Nine Favorite Things That Are Green. Grass, trees, plants of (almost) all kinds. The green haze that appears in the woods in spring as the trees are beginning to bud. The sweater quantity of Noro Silk Garden in the stash waiting to be … Continue reading

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Luck will get you through times of no XXX better than XXX will get you through times of no luck. (Substitute your thing of choice for the XXX.)

photo credit: Touring Club Suisse/Schweiz/Svizzero TCS via photopin cc* When Elder Son was in his last couple months of med school last year, we loaned him a car. He did a month's rotation in a clinic in Lowell, MA and … Continue reading

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