Midwinter linksies.

Link chain fence winter
photo credit: Chris P Dunn via photopin cc

Besides Posh Spice, he's also got OCD and Tourette's.

Bears as you have never seen them. And probably never want to again..

Anybody looking for an awesome mural to put on the black wall behind their tub? (via The Bloggess)


Best knitting graph paper EVAH! (and it's free)

Crafty tats (even though #3 is labeled wrong…)(and all many some of us have seen #6 before)

This is fun. for some reason it seemed to work better on my iPad than on my desktop.

Awesome tat.

Want to drive a tank? Come to Minnesota.

Want to attack a castle? You'll need this.

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0 Responses to Midwinter linksies.

  1. JulieH says:

    That graph paper is great – a definite bookmark. The Silk link is amazing. And here I thought I was heading for bed, but now I just want to sit and make more designs. Mesmerizing! I have to share this on Facebook!

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