The random continues.

Wind 2

The wind is blowing so hard outside that something on the deck — not the bird feeder — sounds like someone is randomly hitting a steel drum. I keep thinking there is a radio on somewhere.

No birds on the feeder today. Control tower has forbidden them to land.

Wind 1

Not like that other day.

No wind

* * * * *

Remember last week, when the Ten on Tuesday topic was Ten Things I Always Have In My Car?

I forgot something important.


A  cigarette lighter USB plug-in, always ready to charge my iPod, iPad, or cell phone. It also has a sweet little blue LED inside so it is easy to plug things in in the dark.

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0 Responses to The random continues.

  1. Kym says:

    I LOVE the USB plug-in! Where did you find it? The weather has been so crazy . . .

  2. Chris says:

    I am so over this winter thing, with fronts rushing in and out all the time.

  3. cursingmama says:

    I am OVER! winter. Please send sun & warmth… I know you have the power…

  4. Lorette says:

    Man, I need one of those plug in things. That is sweet.

  5. Jean Clitheroe says:

    We get strong winds blowing over the mountains here in Alberta, called Chinooks. The temperature can rise many degrees within minutes. It does seem we’ve had a lot more wind, though, apart from the Chinooks, and our weatherman says we had a slightly warmer and snowier January.

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