Wear glittens because… science.

One would have to be a certain kind of person to wear these glittens.

There is no crying in baseball space. (On a related note, do you follow @Cmdr_Hadfield on the Twitter? You should; he is a Canadian astronaut live-tweeting from the space station, complete with photos of Earth. Science nerds joy!

Should be required reading for all boys. Girls, too.

Closet book nook. (Those last two found via The Bloggess. Thanks, Jenny!)

Perspective is everything.

This is NOT a Jackson Pollock painting.

I dare you not to say "Awww…"

World's smallest park is in Portland, OR.




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  1. Lisa says:

    I’m a mitten fan, but I suppose i could make some glittens… I’ve been planning to, it’s just other stuff gets in the way. And I DO rather like that second pair there….

  2. k says:

    I made it to # 2 before the involuntary aw’s started.
    I suppose I could make glttens, but I seem to make fingerless mitts and then mittens to go with them. I do not know why. Well, I do. Mitts and mittens is less thinking.

  3. Sophanne says:

    I completely thought of something similar to the closet thing in this months re-arranging. Then I realized my limitations and the possibility of failure and put the shoes back in the closet.

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