My mitts

My own, longer fingerless gloves. First one done except for thumb and weaving in ends, the other about one-third done.

Progress interrupted because these (scroll down past the donation information).


Aqua square at right left done in brocade stitch from Barbara Walker's first book, red square at left right done in garter stitch. I have plenty of this superwash DK wool left from my sweater; this is an excellent use for it.

From the organizer:

And it's going to take knitters (and us) a while to make all of these. By the time we're done, the donations will have stopped, the media attention will have died down, and the families will be left to deal with the quiet of their homes. People who have lost a loved one often find that the hard work of grieving comes months after the actual death occurs — long after people have stopped receiving cards in the mail and meals on their doorstep, they're still left with the weight of loss.  And they often start feeling forgotten.

We do not forget. 

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0 Responses to OTN.

  1. Cookie says:

    Good lookin’ mitts!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    You do love my neighbor! I knew it!
    It’s grand that you’re putting in time and energy towards letting our fellows know we would do anything to make them feel better.

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