One for my very own.

Look what I got! 

Parking 1

Wanna closer look?

Parking 2
Smokey has had a handicapped parking permit for several years, ever since he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I used his, illegally, when I had a broken ankle and for the past year or so since my hip got really bad.

But now I have my own. It's only a temporary one, good for six months, but ::fingers crossed:: that should be as long as I will need it.

In other news, I got my very own flu shot today. Don't know exactly why I didn't manage to get it earlier, but at least I will have full immunity by the time I go back to work in the germ-ridden city.

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0 Responses to One for my very own.

  1. Cookie says:

    Congratulations! You’re now a grown-up! ;^)

  2. gayle says:

    (We were happy we rode to our daughter’s college graduation with the in-laws – FIL’s handicap sticker got us waaaaaaay closer parking!) (Works at wool festivals, too. Good thing the in-laws like sheep.)

  3. k says:

    Woo-hoo! It’s a good thing.

  4. Mary Lou says:

    Happy new year! I hope you won’t need to renew it.

  5. Erika says:

    I just got my flu shot last Monday, isn’t that terrible? I always feel sick the day after, and I couldn’t find time to take a sick day in the last three months, and then I forgot about it. My family harassed me about it over the weekend and made me promise to get one the next day.
    Better late than never, indeed!

  6. Chris says:

    I got my flu shot before my New Mexico trip in October, after getting so terribly sick on my New Orleans trip in 2011. I really have no excuse not to get one, since Walgreens is 2 blocks away and is open for walkins 24 hours/day!
    I’m willing to bet hip replacements (it is a replacement, isn’t it?! or have I gotten confused?) have come a long way since I used to lug hip replacement patients to and from physical therapy at St Mary’s in Rochester from 1988-1990. 🙂

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