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The random continues.

The wind is blowing so hard outside that something on the deck — not the bird feeder — sounds like someone is randomly hitting a steel drum. I keep thinking there is a radio on somewhere. No birds on the … Continue reading

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Mutterings. And stuff.

Sophisticated :: Audrey Hepburn Pelicans :: fish. Flat :: stomach. Cheekbones :: high. Possible :: possibilities. England :: island. Jacket :: potato. Sunflower :: seeds. Hungry :: pelican. Accent :: French. * * * * * I am working on … Continue reading

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Wear glittens because… science. One would have to be a certain kind of person to wear these glittens. There is no crying in baseball space. (On a related note, do you follow @Cmdr_Hadfield on the Twitter? You should; he is a Canadian astronaut … Continue reading

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More random.

Elizabeth asked in the comments yesterday whether our heating system couldn't be tweaked to get the maximum heat out of the available water flow. Yes, indeed, the guy who installed it has made at least a dozen trips here to … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on a Wednesday.

In the interest of full disclosure: I am writing this on Tuesday night. * * * * * I may not like the character of Lady Mary Crawley — she is shallow, arrogant, and self-centered — but if I were … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the auto edition.

Ten Things I Always Have In My Car. Ice scraper, snow brush, and jumper cables. Blanket. Box of tissues. Tool kit. Extra bottle of oil. In the glove compartment: registration and insurance card; pens and pencils; tire gauge; owner's manual; … Continue reading

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Offered :: and accepted Center :: field Benefit :: banquet Yay! :: yeah Wonderful :: awful Currently :: knitting Resignation :: too bad Testing :: SAT Strangely :: silent Clinic :: STD (wtf?)

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Cable management: a commentary on maturity.

I don't know if I have mentioned it, but Younger Son is the engineer/tech guru at a video post-production firm in Minneapolis. He started there immediately after high school ("I'm tired of going to school, Mom and Dad.") as an … Continue reading

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Smart crows

I don’t know what happened to the first link in yesterday’s linksies, but here is the video you should have seen.

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Getcher ice-cold linksies here.

I knew crows were the Einsteins of the avian world, but this is just nuts. Heh. I crack myself up. Such, er, enthusiasm. "Smokey’s purr* was measured at 80-85 decibels, the equivalent of a lawn mower, a vacuum cleaner, or … Continue reading

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