Monday mutterings.

  1. Dragon :: fly.
  2. Battery :: dead.
  3. Ziploc :: bag.
  4. Shiny! :: Firefly!
  5. 8 minutes :: orgasm. Remember that email of amazing factoids that goes around periodically that says a pig has a 30 minute orgasm?
  6. Photograph :: color.
  7. Future :: ties. Yeah, I don't know where that came from, either.
  8. Tie :: stripe.
  9. Bangs :: trim.
  10. Appointment :: in Samara.

* * * * *

I plan to follow y'all's advice and bring a box of tissues to tonight's book group. We Need to Talk About Kevin is so timely that it is spooky.

* * * * *

I cleaned the area around the Christmas tree yesterday. The tree is still up and decorated from last year. Yes, I am a lousy housekeeper; my excuse reason is that being upright on my feet for more than a couple minutes is painful. It took most of the afternoon to tidy and vacuum an area ~8'x15'. Of course, it hadn't been vacuumed in ::countsonfingers:: a long time.

I really hope this hip replacement helps. The next thing is to strengthen my back muscles, which were weakened by nearly three months in a wheelchair after I broke my ankle in 2008. It is primarily my back that hurts; the hip is generally only a problem in walking. 

But I remind myself it could be so much worse, no need to tell you how. We all know how quickly life can change.


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0 Responses to Monday mutterings.

  1. Heather says:

    Hip replacement? Wait, what? How did I miss this? Very sorry it needs doing, but very much hoping that it brings you relief.

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