Links for the Ides of December.


His faith in humanity is restored.

Does your dog need a hand-knit sweater? (via

New pathway to world peace?

Meryl Streep and I would like you to do something, please.

A little something to keep your interst during your next boring meeting.

The story of Reckless, the horse that wouldn't quit,

Have you heard Tuvan throat singing? The second third video in the first window, the soloist in the gold robe sitting on the end, absolutely blew me away.

O.M.F.G. Be sure to read all the copy.

What to knit for your own personal superhero. You'll have to devise your own pattern, however. (Do scroll down to see the other variations.(

Another quasi-knitting-related Christmas idea: the quintessentially ugly burning-fireplace-Christmas-sweater updated to the digital age. (See how I used two, count'em 2! "q" words in that sentence? Awesome!)

Tim Minchin has released a studio version of White Wine in the Sun, available here. It's one of my favorite Christmas songs. All proceeds from sales during December go to the National Autistic Society. (He makes that donation every December.)

The perfect Christmas gift for your Star Wars-obsessed friend.


Five hundred bucks for a sweater that would not fit any human on the planet? No thanks. (I'm not sure if the link will take you to the correct spot in the slide show. If not, go to slide #5.)

As far as I am concerned, this is the last word on the Ikea monkey. (Perhaps NSFW unless you use headphones. Which you totally should — why would you want to bore your co-workers with your lame-ass audios?)(Sorry. Channeling The Bloggess there for a sec.)(Also, you should know that Grace — whom I just discovered — looks a lot like my doctor. Even talks like her. My doctor can deliver that canned speech about do-you-want-a-nurse-in-the-room-while-i-mess-with-your-lady-parts faster than a speeding bullet.)

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0 Responses to Links for the Ides of December.

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I love the Bullshit Bingo soooo much; I’d have to add a few different buzzwords for college meetings, though, like “outcomes” and “assessment” and “retention.”
    If I had a Bullshit Bingo card with me in a meeting, though, I know I’d get the giggles and have to dive under the conference table to tie my shoes for a really long time. Which would be weird since I’m wearing boots.

  2. Mary Lou says:

    I have never heard of Tim Minchin, but that’s just hw I feel about Christmas, thanks.

  3. Silvernfire says:

    I notice that Mrs. McGettrick repeatedly tells you that the teeth are false, but offers no such reassurance for the eyes.

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