Why, yes, we DID get some snow.

SnowGood thing I know how to knit. Baby, it's cold out there!

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0 Responses to Why, yes, we DID get some snow.

  1. sparrowgrass says:

    Brrrr. I am not visiting this site again til June.

  2. Big Alice says:

    Holy carp! That is a lot of snow.
    I am still trying to acclimate to this sunshine thing. Not all the time, but a lot of the time. It’s 50 degrees today so “cold”. This doesn’t feel like December at all. I think I have climate jet lag.

  3. Mary Lou says:

    And I saw a little bit on the news about Polk County’s cheese brine for the snowy icy roads. Great! So WI.

  4. twinsetellen says:

    Hah! Your deck DOES look like mine. 🙂

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