Oh, the cleverness of me.

BaxterKnits leaves 

So. I was getting tired of the wallpaper on my computer. It was a lovely closeup of a autumn leaves on the ground that I stole borrowed from Baxterknits, (with her permission), but it was weeks old and it's winter now. folks!

Let me tell you the cleverness of me.

I put all my photos of winter scenes into one folder and had my computer use that folder for the wallpaper, changing every minute.

Deck feeder sun

This was fine for an hour or two, then I noticed that I was seeing the same damned photos over and over and over. Booorrrr-iiinnnngggg.

Driveway, garage

Okay, here comes the cleverness.


I went to photopin.com, a site for free CreativeCommons photos and searched for various winter-themed photos. Downloaded some I liked and put them into the folder. Rinse and repeat until I had enough photos there that I won't get bored.

LkSup ice chain

Panda in snow 
Natl Geog bison

Leaf in snow 


LkSup sunset winter  Ice bubbles 

Snow beach chairs 
Snowy trees

Note: when I downloaded the photos I was not thinking about doing a post, so I didn't copy the attributions that are required when using the photos online. My bad, but I'm not going back to search for the exact photos and get the attributions. Sorry, internets

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0 Responses to Oh, the cleverness of me.

  1. Cindy G says:

    Thanks for the shout out 🙂 The new collection is great.

  2. Carole says:

    Great idea! I love the one of the kitty on his back in the snow.

  3. k says:

    Inspiration! I will go take more snow pictures. I have a ton of fall photos, and flowers, and stuff at school. I need more snow.

  4. Lisa says:

    DH’s screensaver at home (and at work to a lesser extent) is a bunch of fungi photos… he sits at the dining room table and can see them across the room… helps reinforce ones he’s learned, and remember the ones he doesn’t know yet so he can figure them out. Before we re-imaged the computer (recently, big problems), he had maybe 400 pics in there.
    My desktop wallpaper at work is the basic windows image (green grass, hillside in the distance), with a big CRACK across the front of it, like the monitor was shot.
    Because my pc decided to become a jet engine a week ago, and I was working on an inferior laptop all week, until Friday, late afternoon. Still adjusting and setting up the new laptop.

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