Sunday stuff.

  1. Complications :: from surgery.
  2. Bell :: toll.
  3. Sunshine :: on my shoulders.
  4. Laundry :: room.
  5. Grumpy :: Doc (also Sneezy, Dopey, et al)
  6. Throat :: strep.
  7. Vitamin :: C.
  8. Tell :: all.
  9. Potent :: omen. (Wait. Omen is like portent, right? Score one for careless reading.)
  10. Radio :: Free Europe.

* * * * *

We finally got some snow worthy of a photo.


We are about halfway through a winter storm alert. Six – twelve* predicted.


Whew. For a few weeks there I thought winter had forgotten us.

* * * * *

I finished whatever it was I was working on when last we discussed knitting. (What was it? My mind is a blank. Luckily, I have a blog so I can go back and check. Theoretically.)

Cast on for the mittens for our teenage slave helper, Scotty.


The pattern is Striped Mittens from Favorite Mittens (such catchy names, eh?), checked out from the library.

A couple weeks ago Carole's Ten on Tuesday topic was Ten Mittens/Mitts I Want To Knit. Having only minimal interest in mittens — I prefer leather gloves in order to have a better grip on the steering wheel — I did not participate nor pay much attention to the others' blog posts. A few days later Scotty's mother replied to my email about what I could knit for him for Christmas: mittens! Carole's topic was suddenly relevant, and I carefully perused all those posts for conservative masculine mittens. Voila, Striped Mittens, courtesy of Woolyheaded Ruth! Scotty's jacket and hat are gray, so these should be right up his street.

All that double knitting I practiced last month made this stranded knitting super easy. It's the holding of two strands of yarn that to me is the challenge of stranded knitting. But I now have that down pat. Win!

* That would be inches. Fifteen to thirty for those of you metrically inclined.

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0 Responses to Sunday stuff.

  1. k says:

    We got about 8 inches, after they said the storm was going to miss us and head up the North Shore – and after I went to bed. I didn’t go back to Superior yesterday, thinking this morning would be better. Mid-afternoon was the sweet spot, I guess.
    I’m driving a tiny car with a bad tire. Expect lots of snow. Especially Monday morning.

  2. Chris says:

    11″ in my neighborhood. Good thing I work from home on Mondays anyway…

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