Fighting with technology. It’s not a pretty sight.


So yesterday I went to sync my iPod with my computer — take off the audio books I have listened to, add new ones, sync my calendar and address book, yada yada. I have done this many, many times over the last five years or so. This time a message comes up saying that there is a new version of iTunes, do I want to update, I click Yes without really thinking about it.

Error message 2003 (which, incidentally, is NOT on the list of error messages I found on the Apple site), something in some software is hosed, cannot update, yada yada.

I fiddle with it and end up wiping the iPod and restoring it to its factory default settings, which I have also done several times in the past. Except that this time it never really restores, just hangs up about a third of the way through. 

So I unplug it, reboot it, close and reopen iTunes, and try again.

Twice, same result.


I started to draft an email to my tech consultant — that would be Matthew — when it occurs to me that I could instead send this same summary to Apple tech support and ask for help. On the way to doing that I googled "iPod error code 2003" and eventually found out how to fix the problem.

I told you all that to tell you this, in particular the part in bold face.

The fix:

  1. Be sure the iPod cable is plugged directly in the computer. Do not use a hub. Check.
  2. Turn off the iPod. Check.
  3. Hold down the Home button, then keep holding it down while plugging the cable into the iPod and keep holding it until the iPod shows the iTunes symbol with a cable under it.
  4. When iTunes says, "iPod found in restore mode", click on Restore or set up a new iPod.


Exactly how long would it have taken me to figure that out on my own? Roughly forever, I think…

Which is about how long it takes an iPod to copy everything back onto itself.


photo credit: guccio@文房具社 via photopin cc

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0 Responses to Fighting with technology. It’s not a pretty sight.

  1. k says:

    Oh so fucking awesome, that is. I am obviously not going to sync until I’m through finals week.
    Speaking of sync; HBO/Gaiman/American Gods. Am gearing up to be outraged, because it will not sync with what’s in my brain. How is that for ego, not letting the author do what he wants with his own material?

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