But first, some Monday mutterings.

  1. Idiot :: hat.
  2. Starving :: children in Africa.
  3. December :: madness.
  4. Choose :: your dreams.
  5. Dreams :: not responsible for.
  6. Clash :: London Calling.
  7. White :: Christmas.
  8. Meticulous :: persnickety.
  9. Bus :: pass.
  10. Insubordination :: fun.

* * * * *


Hungry? How about a cheeses of the world gift basket, $90 – $999.

Also, a knitter's gift basket. $48 – $480. Again, a bargain. (I imagine Fran Drescher saying that in her Nanny voice.)

And finally, best of all; the gift of peace on earth, only $850. A bargain at a gazillion times the price.

Heifer International is there all year long. If your Christmas budget doesn't allow for a gift now, remember them next March. Or July. Etc.


inspiration credit: TheBloggess
photo credit: 2-Dog-Farm via photopin cc

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0 Responses to Giving.

  1. Excellent ideas for the season of giving…and beyond!

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