Thankful Thursday: the real day edition.

This is a Thanksgiving tradition at our house. Back in the '70s and '80s and '90s we had to rely on KQRS, a Twin Cities radio station, to play it. Which they always did — it was their tradition, too. This year I have it cued up (queued up?) on my iPod.

Here is another video that, if it isn't already, should become a Thanksgiving tradition:

Smokey and I watched that show every week and saw this in 1978. Yes, we are that old.

Thanks to martinimade for the reminder of these traditions.

Have a great day, y'all! 

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0 Responses to Thankful Thursday: the real day edition.

  1. Cookie says:

    “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”
    That never gets old.

  2. gayle says:

    Yep, I watched WKRP every week, too. That episode was my absolute favorite – I laughed myself sick the first time it aired.

  3. k says:

    And the Thanksgiving scene from Addams’ Family Values. I watched them all.

  4. Mary Lou says:

    And the Truman capote fruitcake making story they used to air on MPR.

  5. Soxanne says:

    I love Alice’s Restaurant too. Never heard of the other show though. Sorry.

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